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    Anyone able to identify these British barrels

    I won an auction lot that contain a number of barrels, including these two. They look like Parker Hale 1200 or M82 target barrels to me, but I just guessing. Anyone able to help me out?
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    New Springfield NRA Sporting Rifle

    Last month I won this Springfield NRA Sporting Rifle at an auction. I brought it home recently and took a few pics. Looking forward to submitting a range report Only cartouche I could find was this "11" stamped in the pistol grip. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Sporterized 1903-A4

    I've been planning a new CMP vintage sniper match project utilizing a sported 03A4 that I got years ago. The rifle was very finely polished and blued, but the metal appears to be no need for a new barrel, bolt, or scope mount. I've got most of the bits for the restoration. I 've...
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    Bausch and Lomb 10x40 tactical scope

    I recently glommed this scope at an auction. I think it is one of those tactical scopes used by the Navy ...
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    H&R M12

    Some months back I glommed an H&R M12 at an estate auction. It didn't come with sights, but did have a rare Ken Viani scope rail. The rifle looked to be in excellent condition. I had an issue with the rifle (trigger and/or bolt was dirty) which took a little time to sort out. During the...
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    Remington 20 XBR scope

    Anyone know anything about these Remington 20X BR scopes? I found one at an online auction and put in a low bid on it. Probably won't get it. I've heard they are good scopes, but can't find much about them.
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    Winchester model 52 pre-A

    I started shooting in a weekly .22 rifle match a few months ago and that led me to clean all the .22 rifles out of safe and look them over. One is this Winchester model 52 pre-A. it has had some checkering added, a Lyman 48T sight mounted and the barrel cut to 24". These rifles were known to...
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    Wifama wz 78

    I started shooting in a .22 "mini Palma " match a few months ago. This led me to go through the safe and get all my .22 rifle out and have a look at them. I haven't shot this Wifama yet, but here it is...
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    Never seen this before...

    Shot the Vintage military silhouette match today. Was walking over to reset the pigs I had hit and noticed this. The shooter next to me had hit the pig right on the butt and spun it 90 degrees. It ended up balanced on the front leg and did not fall over. No score!
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    BRNO No.4 barrel tuning screw?

    Last year I glommed a BRNO No.4 rifle in great shape. I've been getting it ready for a rimfire match and checked the barrel bedding to see if the barrel was free floating. I hadn't noticed before, but the stock is made to cradle the barrel near the end of the stock, so it is definitely not...
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    Super Sniper scope?

    I glommed a scope at a recent estate sale. I was primarily interested in the rings (A.R.M.S. quick release), but the scope is actually fairly nice. The question is: what is this scope? There is no manufacturer or specifications (power, lens size, etc) marked anywhere on the scope. I think ...
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    Griffin and Howe bull gun.

    A few years back I glommed an old 30.06 Griffin and Howe "bull gun". It was in pretty good shape and had a 28" heavy bull barrel. I wondered if 30.06 is pretty well dead as a target round. The rifle is set up for one of the old long tube, external adjustment scopes and I would like to give it a...
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    Rifle and Scope reunited...

    Years ago I won a wonderful old target rifle at an estate sale of the estate of a WWII vet who had been an avid target shooter. That man's name was James A Norton. The rifle was set up for an old style long tube target scope, but one was not included. It did come with a very nice target sight...
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    Scope mount for a Finnish Lion small bore target rifle

    I've started shooting in a weekly small bore matches. These are shot off a bench. I've been using various rifles, including a Remington 40X, several Winchester 52's and a Martini. I've got two Finnish Lion target rifles-an M55 and an M65. I would like to shoot these in these rimfire matches...
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    Best Pic rail cover

    I shot my AR10 at a match over the weekend and noticed the pic rail portion of the front handguard was sharp. I would like to cover the side and bottom rails and wonder which rail covers work best. Any opinions?
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    Redfield 8-32x40 target scope

    A few weeks back I won several Redfield and Weaver target scopes at an auction, including an 8-32x40 Redfield target scope. The scopes arrived and they are all pretty much as advertised. One is a Redfield 8-32 x 40 made in Denver, "New in Box" and includes the paperwork, manual, etc. The...
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    Target scopes: Redfield 6400 or Weaver T-20?

    Anyone familiar with either or both? Wondering which has better glass, more repeatable adjustments, holds zero better, etc. Thanks
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    New Weaver T10 scope

    I got a NIB Weaver T-10 scope at an auction over the weekend. I do not think it is one of the older "micro-trac" Weaver T10's tho. Looks like it comes with target knobs and a sunshade. Anyone familiar with this T-10 model?
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    Redfield 6400 24X and 16X

    I glommed a collection of Redfield scopes over the weekend at an auction. Two of the scopes look like 6400' a 24X and the other a 16X. I know these are different than the older 3200 "long tube" Redfield which use rings that mount to scope blocks, but are the 6400's considered "good kit"...
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    Trying to identify the trigger on my Remington model 722

    I'm trying to identify this trigger on my Remington 722/possibly model 40 rifle. Anyone able to help?