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  1. Meety Peety

    Ingenuity Precision trickler

    When did I ever say I got "all the disks"?
  2. Meety Peety

    Ingenuity Precision trickler

    I got 3 with mine as well. 7545, 508 and 567
  3. Meety Peety

    When did Americans become so F*cking Stupid?

    I dont know when it started, but I'm pretty sure it started accelerating rapidly with social media. People glance at a post that says some completely ridiculous made up shit and they take it as fact. They share it into their echo chambers (both sides) and soon it becomes their reality. People...
  4. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - ZCO Cert

  5. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - ZCO Cert

    For sale: Certificate for $800 off any Zero Compromise scope of your choice. I was going to use it towards a ZCO 840 but plans have changed and I can no longer use it. Asking SOLD for the cert via discreet PayPal F&F, cash/check/money order. I will mail the cert to you.
  6. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - 6x47 Redding Type S Match FL Die Set (#36489)

    For sale: Redding 6x47 Type S Match full length size die set (#36489). This set has never been used, I bought it a while back with plans to build a 6x47 but ended up with a 6BRA instead. $170 Shipped - Discreet PayPal F&F, cash/check/money order accepted.
  7. Meety Peety

    Accessories WTS - Kifaru Universal Gun Bearer - $50

    For sale is a new/unused Kifaru Universal Gun Bearer. I bought this a while ago but never got around to using it. Works for any pack, not just Kifaru. $50 Shipped. Can do discreet PP F&F, Cash, Check, or Money Order.
  8. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment San Diego, CA - Buy/ Sell/ Trade Thread

    I have a 4# sealed jug of Silhouette Id like to trade for Titegroup or Trail Boss. Also have a sealed 500 box of Berger 109 LRHT that I would trade for (.224) 75gr ELD-M or (6.5) 144 LRHT
  9. Meety Peety

    Quick reference guide for SD required to be confident you have a single digit SD load.

    No one tells me what I need to be confident!
  10. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - CZ 455 Accessories - Extended Bolt Knob + DIP 25 MOA Pic Rail

    Bump. Price dropped to $700 on the chassis
  11. Meety Peety

    Accessories SOLD

    Can confirm, he already uses my barrel for this, so buy with confidence.
  12. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - CZ 455 Accessories - Extended Bolt Knob + DIP 25 MOA Pic Rail

    I am told they are slightly different and not compatible due to action screw layout or something like that. So looks like 455 only.
  13. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - CZ 455 Accessories - Extended Bolt Knob + DIP 25 MOA Pic Rail

    EVERYTHING IS NOW SOLD Also have a few other misc CZ 455 accessories. See below. Items are used but fully functional. Mags Sold - Please ignore them inthe picture. Glades Armory extended bolt knob assembly for CZ 455. Pop the factory assembly off and pop this one on, super easy and doesn't...
  14. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - Vortex Razor Gen2 4.5-27×56 EBR-7C MRAD

    $1575 shipped for the scope