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  1. DIBBS

    More lab test rats for the MRNA flu vaccine

    Phuck Big Pharma... they ain't gonna quit. Heard this on the radio news today I don't know if its to the market or has been approved yet. I guess the death count or profits aren't high enough yet...
  2. DIBBS

    9.1 % Inflation record high ===> FJB and Congress, and the FED... and

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Surging prices for gas, food and rent catapulted U.S. inflation to a new four-decade peak in June, further pressuring households and likely sealing the case for another large interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, with higher borrowing costs to follow. WATCH: Inflation and...
  3. DIBBS

    Is Bannon gonna release the Kracken tomorrow ?

    I really doubt it. All hell's gonna break loose , yeah right.:rolleyes: Just more disappointment IMHO. Noise... Release the Kracken, damnit.:ROFLMAO: I Hope I'm wrong. After all, it is a Kangaroo court... insurrection my ass.
  4. DIBBS

    SOLD I need a #6 shellplate and H powder funnel for a Dillon 550B

    Would like to get set up to load for a 41 mag. I have the locator pins. Hoping to save a little coin and find same lightly used collecting dust ... not rust.:D Thanks in advance.
  5. DIBBS

    High-Viz front sight on revolver...

    Has anyone installed this on a wheelgun? I was out shooting a couple days ago, and even with bright fingernail polish on the front ramp, the current original sights leave a lot to be desired. It seems like a viable solution to me for my OLD eyes, and it looks like simple installation by...
  6. DIBBS

    A win for the good guys and gals...

    The Supreme Court followed up its June 23 landmark ruling that for the first time recognized a constitutional right to carry firearms in public for self-defense, by issuing a series of rulings June 30 reversing federal appeals court decisions that upheld gun restrictions in California, New...
  7. DIBBS

    My inventory control ain't the best....

    With the component shortage the last couple years, I have been trying to use up odds and ends that have largely been collecting dust the last 20-30 years. This week I have been loading pistol ammo, .357 mag with cast 158 swc, using 2400 powder that was purchased... a LONG time ago<1986 maybe>...
  8. DIBBS

    Another win for freedom of speech

    I like the comment the coach made, applicable to many of our current issues... "If you're not willing to stand up for what is right, why are we even here."
  9. DIBBS

    Silicon suppressor covers

    It appears no one has the Bowers suppressor covers in stock. Is anyone making a similar high temp silicon cover? TIA
  10. DIBBS

    Bulk Hornady 6mm ELDMs

    For those of you that have bought the 25=27700 ct boxes, how is the consistency of the bullets BTO/OAL? I'm considering the 108's or 109's and maybe getting a barrels worth or two. Also, for those of you that have shot both, what has been your trued G7 BC. I'm wondering how much difference...
  11. DIBBS

    From the bizarre files

  12. DIBBS

    Maggie’s Maybe we should have a Leader Board for most ignored members?

    Just a thought... although many-most members already know who would be on the top of the list. However some enjoy feeding the trolls. Whaddya think?
  13. DIBBS

    Sidearms & Scatterguns What's available to secure pistol from grandchildren, but still somewhat readily available for Daughter-in-Law

    I would like to purchase a pistol for my Daughter in Law. However, there are 3 grandchildren as part of the equation, ages 10, 3 (mini-tornado), & 1. I am aware of the combo/keypad safes you can mount to bed frame etc... but am wondering if there is something out there that would make the...
  14. DIBBS

    Hunting & Fishing 103 ELD-X on coyotes, deer

    I have had/am having awesome results this winter with the 105 Amax on coyotes. Since the areas I hunt are wide open, and shots can vary from close to way the hell out there, I'm using a 6 x 47 Lapua instead of a 22 CF. (I have/ am considering a 22 Creedmoor w/75-80 grain bullets, but haven't...
  15. DIBBS

    Dipshits in Washington ( State )

    Dumbass effin Dumbocraps are at it again.... I Dunno if it will make the cutoff time for votes. Let's hope its just noise and saber rattling.
  16. DIBBS

    Maggie’s Just to add a little fuel to the fire, for my fellow cynical bastards...

    It's all about the dollar Now to correlate...
  17. DIBBS

    Night Vision What are the potential pitfalls of purchasing used NV/Thermal optics/scanners ?

    What wears out on these units-do they have a certain # of hours before they need to go back to the factory to be refurbished or have certain parts replaced. I'm more concerned with the internals of the units than rechargeable batteries/battery packs. I'm still on the bottom of the learning...
  18. DIBBS

    What happened to the OP

    From last night that asked the stupid sniper questions and wanted phone calls/information. When I logged on today, it appears, not surprisingly... that the thread has been sanitized. Did the SAW man get banned too? Probably best... for the greater good. I'm not going to lose any sleep...
  19. DIBBS

    Nosler Custom Competition and RDF's... Worth messing with?

    I have used Nosler 77 CC's in a fast twist 223 with good results. I have also loaded 140 CC's in 6.5 Creedmoor for my son and a friend with reasonable results, both shooting Ruger RPR's. It's been a while, though. I understand that early production RDF's had many folks tossing them and...