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    So do we destroy Iran tomorrow????

    Well, I just read that the USAF is rolling out the new B-21 on Friday. Too bad it couldn't be today for a fly-by over the match. I have never understood soccer as it's almost as bad as watching golf or paint drying but may have to tune in to see if there's an ass whoopin'.
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    40 years ago today.....................................

    Yep but it beats the alternative.
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    40 years ago today.....................................

    42 years ago I married my bride and we are still together. Been through some rough patches (lost our youngest son in 2012). got up this morning a 0530 and went to HEB and bought her a dozen roses. We're not big on the gifting thing. We're going to hit the gym together later and maybe go out to...
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    Killeen TX SWAT team member

    Well just noticed the other day a new Dunkin' Donuts is about to open up on Adams in West Temple so 'meal team six" will have another choice over Shipleys.
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    Sub $450 optic?

    OP, on a serious note, check out SWFA scopes. I have a 30mm 16x mil fixed on my .308 in an XLR chassis and it has been great for under $300.
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    Sub $450 optic?

    Needs a drink holder.
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    'Murican redneck engineering at its best!! I wonder if he re-purposed the motor for an add-on rotisserie. ;)
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    Cancer sucks. Starting all over.

    Ankeny, stay strong man. Four years ago I had to have surgery for a 90% blocked carotid that would have stroked me out in a year or so (damn cigarettes). Any how I'm good now and you will be too. Hey, getting old sucks sometimes but it beats the alternative.
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Mmmmm....wonder what the driver's BAC was? Anyhow, was a well-built bollard, the light was still flashing after the impact.;)
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    Encountered a guy at Home Depot rifling through my truck cab.

    Yes sir, always remember "don't let your alligator mouth get your hummingbird ass in trouble".
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    Washington State bans spring bear hunting

    Not well. I have an old friend who has a small 60 acre spread in Marion MT. He raises a couple/three head of cattle for their own consumption and has lost a couple over the years to wolves. He has a neighbor a few miles up the valley that lost about a hundred head of sheep in ONE day to wolves...
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Strange, that doesn't look like a redneck mobile home kitchen.
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    Died Suddenly Documentary World Is Live On Rumble

    Why do you think the powers that be are letting Chicom fueled fentanyl flood across our border via the cartels?
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    Killeen TX SWAT team member

    This was posted on a next door feed today about an incident in Killeen, dayum this officer needs to quit stopping at Shipleys for do-nuts and kolaches.
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    You left out the mosquitos. I don't mind the sneks so much as whenever I'm taking a walk in the boonies I always carry my .357 loaded with .38 snake shot. But fuck a bunch of fire ants. Those little bastards will tear you up if you're not careful. I always have a bag of fire ant mound destroyer...
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    I used to visit my sis and BIL when they lived in Buffalo and I think it was maybe 1969 around Christmas, it snowed over 30" overnight. Climate change my ass! They had streets designated as "snow emergency streets" which meant they would plow all the snow from the main streets into said...
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    FTX $$ laundering??

    Ask Army Jerry,,,,,oh wait.
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    The “un-winnable war”

    And at sunset with NVO.
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    new non-snipery projects.

    Love your work sir, but IMHO, R Jones Texas would have been better;)
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    That's one of the reasons you always buy a bone-in ham. Not only do they have much more flavor than a boneless ham, you get the added bonus meal of a great pot of bean soup. I usually use navy or great northern beans and like to add some chopped carrots, a can of diced maters and a bit of celery...