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  1. scullti

    MSA Sordins for Comms Headset?

    So tell me if this will work: I get one male and one female U-229 connector wired together with 5 conductor audio cable to use as a jumper. This jumper would go between the radio and the existing handset. Within that jumper, I splice in a 2 conductor cable to the A and B wires for a 3.5 mm plug...
  2. scullti

    MSA Sordins for Comms Headset?

    Great information, MarinePMI. Thanks for dumbing it down.
  3. scullti

    MSA Sordins for Comms Headset?

    Marine PMI, ya got to help me out here. You're clearly posting some very good information that I'm pretty sure is very helpful but this is not my area of expertise. Are you saying that a mike can be configured with a Push-To-Talk (PTT) assembly and modified with a mating plug to interface with a...
  4. scullti

    mark larue is a great guy

    Re: mark larue is a great guy I don't think anyone is really trying to say police officers are criminals. I think many people are just frustrated by the double standards. I have a great amount of respect for police since I have been an EMT and now in the military. Especially as an EMT working...
  5. scullti

    Griffin muzzle brake?

    Re: Griffin muzzle brake? I have one, I love it. It definitely cuts down on the recoil impulse making it a light push straight back, so follow up shots are very manageable since there is very little to no muzzle climb. Also there isn't ridiculous concussion that you get from other completely...
  6. scullti

    Which Anschutz?

    Re: Which Anschutz? Thanks for all the responses guys, I really appreciate it. I'm giving that one model 54 auction on gunbroker a hard look. I've also been bringing up a lot of 1413 models on my travels, and they do seem to be fairly attractive in configuration and prices that I've been able...
  7. scullti

    Which Anschutz?

    For all you anschutz owners out there, I am in the market for one but I'm not sure which model to get. I am looking to get a high end .22 that I can train with cheaply (my 7mm gets costly after awhile) and closely mimic my centerfire rifle. I would like to stick with the 54 action, and would...
  8. scullti

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Who makes a single stack, HAMMER fired 9mm?

    Re: Who makes a single stack, HAMMER fired 9mm? Well I'm old school, so I like the German trio that was born from a German police contract in the 70's (I think), that being the Walther P5, the Sig 225/P6, and the HK P7. Also even older than that is the HK P9S. All really high quality handguns...
  9. scullti

    Rifle Scopes SEALs Scope... I know!!!

    Re: SEALs Scope... I know!!! Hey, random thought. Is the guy who originally created this thread about the seals scope (not countersniper) still around and still have that scope? I'm interested to see how it held up since the THREE YEARS when this thread was originally started... And...
  10. scullti

    Purchase bolt with barrel?

    Re: Purchase bolt with barrel? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: AXEMAN</div><div class="ubbcode-body">or send bolt to barrel maker. thats an option </div></div> Agreed. That's what I did with my bolt when I got a krieger.
  11. scullti

    Help with a BCG

    Re: Help with a BCG I use a LMT enhanced BCG, its pricey though. There is a whole thread talking about its benefits though. Just a thought. Really depends on how much you want out of your AR platform.
  12. scullti

    Dealing with Seekings

    Re: Dealing with Seekings I'm a little confused why you blame seekins personally for everything being out of stock, particularly right before election time, but anyway. Seekins lowers are still in stock at rainier arms, I would go to them if you want their lower. Their quad rails are also...
  13. scullti

    Krieger "break in"

    Re: Krieger "break in" So you were getting good accuracy out of it from the start? I agree with you about not doing anything special for a break in procedure, I was curious though if there was a measurable period before the barrel gets in its groove so to speak.
  14. scullti

    Krieger "break in"

    I've ordered a krieger 16.5" barrel for an AR build I am doing and it should be here in the next few days. I've read a few times that kriegers can be a bit finicky when you first start shooting them and it takes a few rounds for them to hit their stride. I'm wondering what I should expect out of...
  15. scullti

    Sidearms & Scatterguns I want a Benchmade - Griptillian or Barrage

    Re: I want a Benchmade - Griptillian or Barrage I have a griptilian for edc. It has a great action and has stayed sharp even with heavy use. By far my favorite knife. Mine has the opening hole, but it seems to me that the stud or hole is more personal preference and doesn't really affect...
  16. scullti

    Gas Blocks?

    Re: Gas Blocks? If you are really a stickler about getting the most accuracy out of your barrel, I would stick with a clamp on type. There was a very interesting thread I read that goes into getting the utmost in accuracy out of an AR platform that talks about gas blocks along with other...
  17. scullti

    Help me choose a high end barrel...

    Re: Help me choose a high end barrel... I just ordered a 16" krieger myself for my AR. They are just releasing a batch of 16" barrels in a week or so. I know you listed 20", but if you decide you want shorter I would act fast if you want one of those.
  18. scullti

    Rifle Scopes need a leica range finder?

    Re: need a leica range finder? Done!
  19. scullti

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss Victory 6-24x72

    Re: Zeiss Victory 6-24x72 Great scope, I love mine! Just not very tactical.... But definitely some of the best glass in the business. Turrets are great, it tracks reliably, and I have every confidence it will be durable given zeiss's reputation although I can't say I've been able to test that...
  20. scullti

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Beretta M9 - Why the hate?

    Re: Beretta M9 - Why the hate? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: pdogsbeware</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: InArdusFidelis</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> DO NOT trust the...