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    What Are The Features AI Will Introduce On The Rifle That Replaces the AE?

    Any information or thoughts on what features Accuracy International will include on the rifle that will replace the AE? The Shot Show can not come soon enough for many of us. The AIAE is such a great rifle. Given AI track record I am sure we won't be disappointed in features and price point.
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    AIAE .308 Velocity Loss Going From 24" to 20" Barrel

    I am sure someone here must have chronographed the velocity of a 20" AI barrel vs a 24" AI barrel using 168 and 175 gr bullets. Damned if I can find it here with the search engine. I am leaning toward the 20" barrel and know AI barrels are fast but would like to know the difference before I...
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    Reloading: The Time vs Cost Saving Equation

    For those of us with a limited amount of spare time, give good reloading components and some practice how long does it take to load say 100 rounds of 7.62x51? Also what are you really saving over factory ammo? Thanks.
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    Vortex Viper HD Series

    Anyone have any experience with the Vortex Viper HD Spotting Scopes? I would like to compare with them with the Razor and the regular Viper line.
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    Best AR Take Down/Pivot Pins

    I have a Colt HBAR and plan on using the lower for a High Caliber Mark 12 Upper when it arrives. The Colt pivot pin has always been a PIA to take down and swap out other uppers. The size is .250. Brownells has KNS Precision and Yankee Hill. Any recommendations on these or others? Thanks...
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    NF Velocity Reticle vs NF Mil-dot on LMT MWS

    I am thinking of putting a Nightforce Velocity Reticle 600 LV on my LMT MWS. On the plus side it seems fast, easy to use and pretty damn close to markings with my current load. As for the Mil-dot reticle, I have used one for years, like the ability to estimate range and know my holdovers. Also...
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    LMT MWS Are the 18" & 20" Barrels Worth It?

    I have a LMT MWS with a 16" barrel that consistently shoots .80 to 1.1 inch 5 shot groups with Black Hills 168gr and good handloads. Is anybody really getting significantly smaller groups with the 18" s/s and 20" barrels?
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    Most Accurate Ammo for a AUG A3CQC

    Most Accurate Ammo for a new AUG A3CQC? 55 gr and 62 grain bullets work great. Has anyone done well with slightly heavier 68 or 69 grain rounds in Steyr's 1/9 twist AUG barrels?
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    Sig556 DMR, DPMS 556 Mark 12 or Centurion Arms

    Sig556 DMR, DPMS 556 Mark 12 or a Centurion Arms Mark 12 Mod 1 Upper on an existing Colt HBAR lower? I am looking for a DMR in .556 and have found a couple of good deals locally on both a Sig556 DMR and a DPMS 556 Mark 12. Any thoughts, perspective and experience on the accuracy, reliability of...
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    Buttstock Cheekpad for LMT MWS w/ SOPMOD buttstock

    Anyone know of a buttstock cheek pad w/ a small pouch that will fit well on a SOPMOD buttstock? I have tried an older Blackhawk model that would not stay in place.
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    Best Long Range Ammo for 16" LMT MWS

    Headed out to the range next week with a new LMT. Any input based on experience for the best long range ammo would be appreciated. I was thinking about Black Hills 168gr or 175gr. Thanks.
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    Rifle Scopes Best QD Rings for FAL w/Extreme Duty Scope Mount

    Need some advice on which QD Mount/Rings for a FAL with Para Stock to mount a Vortex PST 1-4. I have a DSA Para Rear Sight as a BUIS and thought of the La Rue LT123. It seems a little high at 1.28" to the center of the reticle with the folding stock to get a good cheek weld. Any suggestions...
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex PST 1-4 x24 for an STG58

    Any thoughts or perspective on a Vortex PST 1-4x24 for an STG58 would be appreciated. It shoots 1.5 to 1.75 inch groups with Radway Green. I would like the ability to easily adjust for windage and have some ranging built into the scope for longer distances (300-600 yards). My concern is the...
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex EBR 2 MRAD Reticle

    Any thoughts or experiences with the EBR 2 MRAD Reticle? It seems to offer the advantages of a Horus type reticle in a higher quality scope.
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    Rifle Scopes Leica Rangefinder 900 or 1200 ?

    After a lot of research, I have decided by buy my first rangefinder and narrowed it down to either a Leica 900 or 1200. For 425.00 I can get a Leica 900 and the 1200 for 599.00. Is the extra 175.00 worth it for the 1200? Thanks for your thoughts.