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  1. OFIS

    Firearms LMT MARS 556 stripped lower

    LMT MARS (full ambi) stripped lower, stripped in this case is sans any parts that are not related to the ambidextrous functions. This is how it comes from LMT so it is not completed as a 'rifle' I assembled it with the SBA3 'pistol' configuration but I use a full MARS rifle build more and am...
  2. OFIS

    AR15 22LR dedicated upper M4A1 'clone'

    Had some spare time and wanted to have some fun. Owned this for a few years, been through a few different hand guards, and a few thousand rounds. tossed the bolt parts in SS tumbling media and hit the action rails with buffer wheel, its pretty slick and with Slip 2000 runs jam free for at least...
  3. OFIS

    Ruger MKIV 22/45 baseplates

    6x convert old MKiii mags to use with the new MKIV 22/25 grip frame $30 shipped
  4. OFIS

    Noveske gen 2 lower (virgin)

    Noveske gen 2, like new. Bought as stripped, selling as stripped. $209 shipped, no trades unless it’s a silencershop tax stamp gift card
  5. OFIS

    Vortex 10x50 recon spotter (w/ reticle)

    Used but not abused, comes with everything as if new because I’m one of those freaks that keeps the box... The adhesive keeping the rubber on the adjustment ring on gave up recently, it still works and Vortex would probably fix it but I’ve barely noticed it’s gone. Asking $300 pp/ff + venmo
  6. OFIS

    20” heavy 223 wylde upper *complete*

    Coming back to add info later $450 shipped
  7. OFIS

    Assorted pouches

    Kifaru Admin - foliage HSP Multi-Mission Hanger D3CR Expansion System - ranger Tactical Tailor double magnetic pistol - coyote TAD BC8 - foliage all prices shipped pp/mo
  8. OFIS

    Badger scope base

    Badger 1005-306-06 R700 steel 20 moa demo condition, mounted but never saw sunlight $100 shipped pp/mo
  9. OFIS

    Centurion Arms CMR & C4

    C4 (top) 12” includes colt barrel nut (AR15 sized) screws included/ installed. CMR (bottom) 14” includes 3 modular rails (2 short 1 long) barrel nut and screws included but not installed. Both used but in excellent condition $100 shipped
  10. OFIS

    A2 qd

    Am I late to the party on these? Saves me the time and effort of drilling and gluing, I'm not crazy about rotation limiter but otherwise can't complain for $15 way of keeping an A2 stock compatible with all my slings.
  11. OFIS

    Overpressure, overnight...

    I'll start with what I've got: 308 WIN 175 SMK RP Brass 5x firings trimmed, chamfered CCI large rifle 44.4g Varget 2.80 oal R700 95 palma chamber 25" Now the problem: This is a load I worked up with ladder testing to be the most accurate and under max with no pressure signs. Loaded...
  12. OFIS

    Pelican & soft case, I have seen the light

    I remember there was a thread dealing with the theory/ usability of this setup, but I never liked the options of soft cases that were found to be in the golden ratio of 42x13x5... Until today: I finally bit the bullet and took a chance on the I Shot SERT 42" case and have no regrets. It fits...
  13. OFIS

    1903 windage troubleshooting

    Granted, this is not very snipery, but it is a vintage rifle... The windage adjustment on my 1903A1 Springfield is not very secure. Between shots, it will gradually drift unless otherwise reset each shot by hand to the first hash mark on the right. This was the best group so far, and I was...
  14. OFIS

    Gunsmithing Surgeon pillar diamater

    Called in an order to McMillan and they don't have the data on how wide to drill for Surgeon DBM supplied pillars. Surgeon's line is busy and would figure someone may have a set lying around they could check. Thanks
  15. OFIS

    Photos EMAG 20LR

    This is the kind of thing I stay awake at night dreaming of.
  16. OFIS

    Gunsmithing 700 Machined to use AW mags?

    I Googled with no direct results, so: Can a Remington action be machined to use AW mags?
  17. OFIS

    Photos A very Aimpoint Christmas

    Cashed in all my Christmas points on an Aimpoint H1 and Knight's mount. Having a feeling the next purchase will be a dedicated 22 upper...
  18. OFIS

    7" barrel

    I'm just going to leave this here... <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src=""...
  19. OFIS

    Crickett target model *custom* RANGE REPORT 12/10

    I may not have the budget for a center fire custom every year, but that didn't stop me from missing out of the fun in 2010. I got impatient and had to let the cat out of the bag early, so its still in prototype condition, hence the primer grey color scheme. Its more of a frankenstein than a...
  20. OFIS

    Rifle Scopes USO #3 1/10 Elevation?

    Does anyone have a #3 1/10 mil for elevation? Looks like a nice single turn option to get 10-11 Mil. Not much info other than the pic on USO's website.