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  1. winniedonkey

    Well I am sooooo glad this isn't in schools anymore.......

    I just came across this the other day. There is a link to the standards in the article. Fucking impressive. Anybody grow up with anything like this?
  2. winniedonkey

    Movie Theater Llamageddon

    Just came across this horror masterpiece. You will shit yourself. You've been warned.
  3. winniedonkey

    Reloading Equipment FOUND: 308 Redding body die

    Wanting to try the body die & lee collet combo. If you have some Redding 308 and/or 223 body dies let me know. Not looking for SB dies. Thanks.
  4. winniedonkey

    Washing brass after cleaning

    1-Does anyone measure the amount of cleaning solution they use for ultrasonic/wet tumble? 2-How throughly do you wash the brass after it has been cleaned? I use dawn dish soap and heated water. I do have hard water if that matters. Reason for this is I recently did a 55 shot range session...
  5. winniedonkey

    Reloading Equipment Sold: 308 Redding SB body die

    Sell for $40 shipped. Never used. Trade for redding 308 body die. Will post pics in a bit. Out of house.
  6. winniedonkey

    Reloading Equipment WTB(central Florida): 3-5 lbs 308/223 friendly powder.

    Looking for 3-5 lbs of powder that works well with 308/223. 4064, AR Comp, cfe223, Varget, H322, etc. Yall get the idea. Loading up some 600 and in training rounds for the family. PM with details. I am in West Orange area. Thanks.
  7. winniedonkey

    Reloading Equipment Sold: Redding 223 seater die w/micrometer

    Lightly used. $50.00 shipped. This is not the competition seater version with the sliding sleeve.
  8. winniedonkey

    Reloading Equipment WTS: K+M case mouth chamfer tool.

    Lightly used, in excellent condition. $45.00
  9. winniedonkey

    Optics SOLD:Steiner 1-4

    Gently used LE model. Great optic. Asking $430. Midwest industries mount available. Comes with box.
  10. winniedonkey

    Optics Please delete.

    Lightly used at the range on a 223. Never left mount. Comes with original box and bikini caps. Might have booklet also. PP F&F for payment. Scope: $220 Mount: $60 OBO
  11. winniedonkey

    WTB 308 match brass

    Looking for 120-150 pieces of new, possibly 1x fired 308 match brass. Lapua, Alpha, along those lines.
  12. winniedonkey

    123 SMK .264 pointed?

    I saw on the AB app that there is a 123 SMK and a 123 SMK pointed bullet. Googling just came up with a SMK but with the meplat was closed. Can anyone give some clarity. Secondly anybody have any experience with these in a CM or 47. Third. 123 SMK or 123 Lapua? And go...
  13. winniedonkey

    Any recommended Accu-Tac Dealers out there?

    I have a need for a QD mount to put on an SR-5 bipod. I can't seem to google one up. Any help is appreciated.
  14. winniedonkey

    Brass spring back question

    Am I right to think that brass spring back would occur as follows: Bushing dies would cause brass to spring back outward Expander ball/mandrel brass would spring back inwards Thoughts?
  15. winniedonkey

    Sold: APA fat bastard 30cal

    Used on my 308 bolt gun for 1200 rounds. PM with questions. $135/OBO.
  16. winniedonkey

    WTS: F1 AR15 MLOK 15" Miculek handguard

    Brand new, never mounted. Comes with everything except a barrel nut wrench. $220 shipped.
  17. winniedonkey

    Sold: MK Autotrickler Pan

    Purchased on accident. Never used. Anti static. Made in America. $20 shipped Will trade for a chargemaster equivalent.
  18. winniedonkey

    Sold... 2 ARC mags with MK follower

    I have had these sitting unused since they came out. Won't work in my Rem700 and don't need them shooting my 308. Come with 2 MK followers and the originals as well.The wings on one orginal follower were shaved down. $150.00 Shipped and insured. PP F&F
  19. winniedonkey

    Chargemaster deal

    With the $299.99 price the rebate for $100 is good. I also saved $30 on a coupon code that popped up on check out. Shipping ended at $22. Either way it's a new chargemaster for a bit over $200. Not a bad deal
  20. winniedonkey

    Is there a 7 PRC yet?

    Short or long, was wondering if it is being used yet and at what specs.