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  1. MountainHunter

    300NM or 7-300NM, standard or improved 30*?

    For reference my standard 300 Norma pushes 245 EOL’s at 2925 with 86.5 grains of N570 in a 24” benchmark carbon on a lone peak ti fuzion. I tested up to 2975 without pressure.
  2. MountainHunter

    Anyone have any experience with the Tikka T3X "Long Action" models?

    Tikka actions are all the same length. The short action calibers use a bolt stop that shortens the distance the bolt travels towards the rear of the rifle as well as a magazine with a built in spacer in the back of the magazine that keeps the rounds pushed forward. The long action guns just have...
  3. MountainHunter

    Reloading Equipment Found
  4. MountainHunter

    Accessories Triple Pull Ckye Pod

    Bump with pics
  5. MountainHunter

    Accessories Triple Pull Ckye Pod

    It’s a gen 1. I am open to trades but for what I don’t know.
  6. MountainHunter

    Accessories Triple Pull Ckye Pod

    Hey guys I have an MDT triple pull ckye pod I’d like to sale. Left side arca clamp $850 shipped via paypal f&f obo
  7. MountainHunter

    SOLD Hawkins 35mm Light Tactical Rings Lows - $125

    I changed the tag on the thread to sold but I suppose I should do something a little more obvious?
  8. MountainHunter

    Most Accurate Rifle to Date: 6 BR from Blue Mountain Precision

    Impact actions and Hawk Hill barrels chambered by Eric seem to be a pretty magical combination.
  9. MountainHunter

    SOLD Leupold Mark 5 _ 5-25 H59 $1650

    Hey guys, I’ve got a 5-25 Mark 5 with H59 non illuminated. This has been on my match rifle. It started having issues tracking so I sent it back to Leupold and they rebuilt/replaced the parts inside causing the issue and tested it and it is now good to go. I just received it back today. Glass is...
  10. MountainHunter

    SOLD Hawkins 35mm Light Tactical Rings Lows - $125

    Set of 35 mm Hawkins Precision Light Tactical rings. Low height, .885" I believe. $125 shipped via paypal f&f
  11. MountainHunter

    SOLD Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18 Tremor 3 - $1400

    This is a couple years old. Started on my match rifle then lived on my 6.5 PRC hunting rifle for the last 2 seasons. Has lots and lots of 6mm and 6.5mm rounds under it. This has been a very very reliable scope for me however I switched my match scope to Nightforce and decided to go with an NX8...
  12. MountainHunter

    SOLD Hawkins 35mm Heavy Tactical Rings 1.15" - $140

    I have a set of Hawkins heavy tactical rings. I had a Mark 5 5-25 mounted in them on my match rifle. $140 shipped via paypal f&f