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  1. 0311 Hesco

    Nova Vibratory Tumbler

    Price drop. $600 OBO?
  2. 0311 Hesco

    Nova Vibratory Tumbler

    Model Nova 1001 HDT for sale. This has low hours and in good condition. I got this used but have logged probably 200 hours on it. Works well and can send a video of it running if requested. The only defect I know of is the top cover has a little partial-thickness crack. It does not affect...
  3. 0311 Hesco

    Sidearms & Scatterguns What is the Ultimate Combat Pistol? Make your case

    Why hasn't something like the Gas Pedal been used on combat guns? I know that it's a little awkward in the holster, but it could be refined and made to work. The idea is novel. Gas-Pedal-Duster-Black-Grit-Pedal-Surface-GPD-AL-BLK-GRT-137.htm
  4. 0311 Hesco

    Movie Theater True Story - Annabelle

    We can talk about ghosts, spirits and demons but we can't talk about Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit...
  5. 0311 Hesco

    < $1500 "just works" bolt action

    Stick with the .223 Especially if you have the can already. Run it suppressed. Why wouldn't you if you already have the can! You wont have a problem. Gas gun problems like that don't happen in bolt actions Tikkas are sweet shooting rifles. If you want to spend $1500 on a rifle, my advice is...
  6. 0311 Hesco

    New rifle - Blaser R8

    I like the way Blaser thinks when creating rifles.
  7. 0311 Hesco

    Rifle Scopes Scope Clearance: Barely Enough Room for a $1 Bill?

    No, the bottom line is there is more that .003" there and like Rob said, experience with shooting with clearances like that tells you that his rifle/scope clearance is fine. Internet warriors bring up the hypothetical and theoretical and the hyper-ridiculous. To err on the safe side is good no...
  8. 0311 Hesco

    Rifle Scopes Scope Clearance: Barely Enough Room for a $1 Bill?

    Just shoot the thing. It's not touching.
  9. 0311 Hesco

    New scope cap introduction

    That was the idea.
  10. 0311 Hesco

    Gunsmithing Because who doesn't like a GoPro lathe video?

    I've never seen anyone thread a barrel in two minutes! You are the MAN! J/K This does motivate me though. As soon as I'm out of this wretched place, I'll be going back to school to learn this craft. Cool video man.
  11. 0311 Hesco

    American Sniper

    Hope this is not a premonition of things to come...
  12. 0311 Hesco

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Wife's wanting a handgun

    I second the shield. Very nice trigger and the slide is easy for women to pull back. 9mm is great and its a Smith and Wesson. 'Nuff said.
  13. 0311 Hesco

    Went on a hump today...

    Woah, couldn't tell at first. I got nothing for ya man. Hopefully a better pair of socks will help. I always used thinner socks and just tied my laces tighter. I never did the tie the rest around the boot thing. I just made two big loops and tucked them in to the side. Was it because the...
  14. 0311 Hesco

    Rifle Scopes The new Burris XTR2 rocks for 3 gun. .....

    Yea, this Dual Focal Plane need to be examined. I thought about having something like that a few years back, glad it came to surface. What do y'all think about it? I am really excited about it.
  15. 0311 Hesco

    Does the Beret really mean anything anymore??

    I just hope they keep those ridiculously ugly berets out of the Corps. No offense, but If I wanted to look like a gay Frenchman, well, never mind...
  16. 0311 Hesco

    Went on a hump today...

    Bite the bullet and get some Danners. 300 bucks well spent my friend.
  17. 0311 Hesco

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 9MM Wins - Thanks FBI

    I asked my paramedic teacher about hydrostatic shock and he researched it for a few days and said it's not a legitimate phenomenon.
  18. 0311 Hesco

    Why have the front scope cap open up?

    Wait a year or so...there will be all-new scope caps on the market. :D (read more in the equipment section)
  19. 0311 Hesco

    Told this at the UPS hub

    So what we're saying is...we need a company that will ship firearms/ammo (mortars and Stinger missiles too maybe, lol) with no problems...maybe they could also be a financing company for small gun businesses and ranges as well as have an online payment system for firearm transactions...
  20. 0311 Hesco

    Birthday came early; My AO 308 is HOME!!

    That's a pretty stick