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    Accessories FOUND! - MDT Vertical Grip Cores

    Thank you in advance, I’m looking for MDT Cores for their Vertical Grip. I have two extra grips but hoping someone out there is trying to unload cores. Searching for two coire but will be happy with one. I asked MDT but their rep mentioned they have a production adjustment and are unable to sell...
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    Optics Vortex Razor Gen 2 3-18 ebr-7c with extras $OLD

    Hello All, I’m changing reticles so I’m selling the previously mentioned Vortex Razor Gen 2 with ebr-7c reticle in 3-18x50. The windage cap is blemished but otherwise this optic is in great shape. This is everything included: Vortex Razor Gen 2 3-18x50 ebr-7c ARC 34-24 M10 low scope rings...
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    Accessories MPA BA Comp Chassis x2 $OLD

    Hello All, Looking to sell my two MPA BA Comp Chassis. I have one in burnt bronze and the other in sniper green. Both come as is with the spigot mount. The sniper green one is cleaner cosmetically but both chassis function flawlessly. Burnt Bronze - $OLD to hillbiggs77 - Thank you very much...
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    TheOE800 is GTG!!!

    Had a great experience with TheOE800! Item arrived secure and exactly as detailed! Thank you again! 10/10