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  1. AtOne

    "The life of Krylon" 2000 rounds, 16 matches and a year later

    Had planned on posting up pictures of how to 7 color Krylon your stock, well a year has gone by so I figured I'd just put them all in a slideshow from brand new to a year later of hard use. 16 matches , over 2000 rounds and plenty of dry fire practice...
  2. AtOne

    Electronic ear protection ?

    Howard Leight Sports with Valholl Gear Gel Cups for me
  3. AtOne

    Rcbs 1500 question

    Static could be a problem try wiping everything down with a dryer sheet on the the tray, drop tube or anything else and see if it settles down.
  4. AtOne

    Spray Painting Rifles

    Here's a slide show on one I did about 6 years ago and got well used to show how it holds up.
  5. AtOne

    Black Friday deals?

    Both the MK3 35 and 60 shows low stock order soon when I look at it. Reaps are in stock previous Gen version.
  6. AtOne

    Black Friday deals?

    Here you go, just add to cart to see the price
  7. AtOne

    6.5X47 Barrel issues

    The node shouldn't just be good es and sd's it should also group well or it isn't "The node" More than likely the bore paste getting out the carbon ring has changed things from where they we're before. I'm on Broughton barrel number 3 with well over 3500 rounds on each before rebarreling… and...
  8. AtOne

    6.5X47 Barrel issues

    Try running a load test going up in .2gn increments, I'll bet you'll find it again within .4-.5gn.
  9. AtOne

    6.5X47 Barrel issues

    Have you checked for a carbon ring ? Have seen that on a few peoples x47's including one of mine with 4350.
  10. AtOne

    Dumbbell is GTG !

    Very smooth transaction, fast shipping and item was as described. Deal with confidence ! @dumbbell
  11. AtOne


    Valholl Gear Gel Cups are another alternative, Have been out for almost two years and are being used by some of the top PRS , NRL shooters, Match directors and RO's who use the HL's. Website for more info...
  12. AtOne

    Member Link Up SHWW Group

    Starting the new year by saying goodbye to one of our friends....Lots of laughs here on the SHWW and in real life, we'll all miss you Jim.
  13. AtOne

    Video Test

    Any updates Frank ? Have a couple videos I'd like to hurries just curious ;)
  14. AtOne

    Member Link Up SHWW Group

    Or throw them in the press and seat them deeper ;)
  15. AtOne

    We're BACK !

    This is what Frank looked like when he brought SH to Scout...that's us in the background Always viewed this place as more of a pirate ship with a motley crew, instead of walking the plank Frank brought out the ban hammer. Good to have the Captain Frank Sparrow in charge of his ship again
  16. AtOne

    Work in Progress

    Agreed with getting more threads on each page. I went into user settings and set mine up for 40 per page and it still leaves it at 10 so I'm sure its on the Admin side for changing the settings. Site looks great and is already heads and tails above the Scout site !
  17. AtOne

    Video Test

    No options in my user settings to enable the Advanced options tab that I can see either, Could be missing something but I'm guessing maybe because your Admins you may have it and we don't....not sure though.
  18. AtOne

    Video Test

    I don't have that cool advanced options tab below this window lol.
  19. AtOne

    Annealeez modifications and tips

    After I've attached all the hoses, I turn the 2 1/2 gallon tank fully on and then use the shut off valve on the line closet to the tank tank as my open or closed valve for flow by fully turning it open. The valve on the nozzle once I set it, I don't touch it again unless something has changed in...
  20. AtOne

    Video Test

    Here's what I'm getting using the embedded code Direct post on message < iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Using the video tab above < iframe width="560" height="315"...