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  1. rleffel

    Triad Stock Pack vs. TacOps Cheek Pad

    TRIAD is the way to go
  2. rleffel

    Sling recommendations

    I have both TAN and TIS you could not go wrong with either
  3. rleffel

    Homemade Wet Tumbler

    It is amazing that when you have a problem so may great ideas are found from necessity.
  4. rleffel

    Sidearms & Scatterguns kukri

    I have the cold steel good one not the $20.. It has done everything I have asked it to do.
  5. rleffel

    Sidearms & Scatterguns glock or smith?

    Glock is the way to go
  6. rleffel

    another paracord sling

    One of the best paracord I have seen
  7. rleffel

    First attempt at rifle camo... what ya think

    I am impressed you did a great job
  8. rleffel

    Home made Covert Case

    This is a great Idea. Thanks for providing links
  9. rleffel

    Movie Theater Enders Game with Harrison Ford

    I likes it and would recommend it
  10. rleffel

    Maggie’s Leaky pipe

    The plumbing fix would have been easier
  11. rleffel

    Maggie’s Best ending sentence I've heard recently...

    This says it all. I live in TX were there are so many carrying legally I just assume that in any crowd there are armed people. I would not live here if I wanted to make my living as a criminal
  12. rleffel

    Maggie’s BAD ASS Sling Shot

    I was impressed even if it was fake
  13. rleffel

    Quick and easy rear shooting bag

    Beads out of a bean bag chair. Get one at a garage sale there will be plenty
  14. rleffel

    $30 Home Depot folding sawhorse

    Never thought of this> I too have a couple in the shop
  15. rleffel

    The ultimate target stand!

    All of these are great ides. If you can weld then the solutions are endless
  16. rleffel

    DIY Weapons of the Syrian Rebels

    Adversity will result in a solution or you will not make it
  17. rleffel

    Suppressors Osprey 45 & Glock 19 FTF & FTE

    Great new as i have had the same problem
  18. rleffel

    Maggie’s Life

    Great and true
  19. rleffel

    Maggie’s Application To Date My Daughter

    Mothers are the only reason that any father would let his girl date. They do not seem to understand.
  20. rleffel

    Latest Greatest Rust Prevention?

    I have found it best to move to the high desert with very low humidity Works great