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  1. bdh308

    neck issues on .308 loads

    Re: neck issues on .308 loads Nothing wrong with winchester brass. I prefer lapua but the win brass is fine. It would help to see a pic of the bulging neck. Neck tension would be my first guess but since your not using bushings it strikes me as very odd. Possible defective brass. So the brass...
  2. bdh308

    Using Redding Comp Seating Die

    Re: Using Redding Comp Seating Die Its not just screwing it down till it touches the shellholder. That paticular die has spring tension in it at the bottom of the die. Raise the ram and screw the die down and dont stop till the die cant go any further then back it out until the adjustment...
  3. bdh308

    Rifle Scopes What base and rings?

    Re: What base and rings? Seekins...but I maybe a little partial.
  4. bdh308

    Hornady A-MAX seating question

    Re: Hornady A-MAX seating question Mag length works fanito in my Remy700. I would try that first. The amax doesnt need the precise tuning like a Berger or SMK.
  5. bdh308

    Hunting & Fishing A MAX terminal ballistics

    Re: A MAX terminal ballistics Thats all I shoot and hunt with. +1 on the 168amaxes. Cant complain nor can the
  6. bdh308

    confusing chronograph results

    Re: confusing chronograph results maybe old but your still one of the wisest and humbling man Ive ever talked to. Keep your chin up. As far as chronies go..I do own a Beta and I havent seen any errors in it yet. Course I may have gotten lucky and purchased one that actually got...
  7. bdh308

    measuring headspace on once fired brass

    Re: measuring headspace on once fired brass So it is possible to see variances in your once fired brass? Meaning the shoulders can be different in measurments. Thats what I got confused on but could never get an answer. Some of my brand new once fired lapua brass measured different at the...
  8. bdh308

    Rifle Scopes Savage 10 base?

    Re: Savage 10 base? Appreciate that KSP. Never owned a Savage they have all been Remingtons.
  9. bdh308

    Rifle Scopes Mueller APT 4-14x40

    Re: Mueller APT 4-14x40 Thinks Im goin to order one for the hell of it and put it on my sons new 308. Hope it doesnt shoot the glass! Never been a cheap scope man until now when funds are limited. I can always get him something better down the road.
  10. bdh308

    Rifle Scopes Savage 10 base?

    Does anyone know if what base the Savage 10's...round or flat back?
  11. bdh308

    Big Sky Guns?

    Re: Big Sky Guns? They have a couple of rifles that I cant find anywhere near as cheap as they have them. Thats why I asked but your saying that it isnt....hmmmm. Anyone else have experience with these guys? Ive done some searching and could only find a couple of reviews on them on google but...
  12. bdh308

    Minimum case length??

    Re: Minimum case length?? Xshot, Another good way to remedy your situation is to find out what your throat length is. Take a piece of brass and cut the neck in half (preferably with a lathe but dremel or a fine tooth hack saw will work). Save the half you cut and seat a bullet into the...
  13. bdh308

    Big Sky Guns?

    Anybody ever done or purchased weapons from this dealer out of Great Falls, MT?
  14. bdh308

    Hornady Headspace gage measurements.

    Re: Hornady Headspace gage measurements. Thanks Bevenue. Welcome to the Hide. Thanks Vic...I only use lapua brass. All the numbers above are from the same lot new first fired formed brass. Thats what I cant understand how some are different at the shoulders. Very hard to setup my die...
  15. bdh308

    Expander ball??? Mandrel??? Redding Dies

    Re: Expander ball??? Mandrel??? Redding Dies +1 on the help. Trust us we have all been there at one point and dont take RTH the wrong way. As reloaders we have to watch each others back and more experienced loaders typically are more than willing to lend a hand. The questions you have asked...
  16. bdh308

    Gunsmithing Spiral fluting of barrels

    Re: Spiral fluting of barrels And Im calling a BHP9 an asshole for posting two of the prettiest rifles Ive ever seen and making me salivate over them. Nice work! Got to love a PGW.
  17. bdh308

    .308 to 3000 yards?

    Re: .308 to 3000 yards? Sounds like a job for the new .416. Anyone shot one of those yet?
  18. bdh308

    Hornady Headspace gage measurements.

    Re: Hornady Headspace gage measurements. Thanks Vic. I was just curious is to how some of my first fired handloads could be different at the shoulders. It makes it little difficult to set up the die when there not all the same. I really justed wanted to make sure that I wasnt seeing a problem...
  19. bdh308

    Hornady Headspace gage measurements.

    Re: Hornady Headspace gage measurements. Anyone?
  20. bdh308

    Expander ball??? Mandrel??? Redding Dies

    Re: Expander ball??? Mandrel??? Redding Dies The expander ball is exactly that. When you extend the ram up into the die with your fired brass there is a ball thats located just above the decapping rod (the thing that pops your old primer out). As you size your brass and pull the sized brass...