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  1. Gil P.

    Confused on how to have two zeroes for two different loads.

    It doesn't sound like its working. Don't make yourself struggle.
  2. Gil P.

    Confused on how to have two zeroes for two different loads.

    Just throw your piece of shit scope away and take the advice given to you in the previous posts. You're making things more complicated than they need to be. If you don't understand how to use a scope with mil reticle and mil turrets, learn how. The end. Problem solved.
  3. Gil P.

    Gunsmithing DBM Inlet: Surgeon vs KMW

    They don't? My A6 works just fine with the KMW DBM, and I specified the KMW inlet on my order sheet. I know they don't inlet for the KMW Loggerhead ACP... but Joe Ducos took care of that for me.
  4. Gil P.

    FPS Issues Tikka t3x

    Do you reload? Just use lighter bullets, your fps sounds normal.
  5. Gil P.

    Sako S20 Precision Vs Seekins Havoc Bravo

    I thought Tikka was like the budget version of Sako? A Sako for $1100 sounds like a steal, but I've never handled one. Why is the S20 such a piece of crap?
  6. Gil P.

    New Release: Daniel Defense Pro Chassis System

    Don't be the first to try one. Their delta bolt action rifle is a piece of shit.
  7. Gil P.

    Leopold zero point boresighter

    Checking the scope for what?
  8. Gil P.

    Leopold zero point boresighter

    Just save your money and put your first shot on target at 25 or 50 yards. Then zero at 100 as normal.
  9. Gil P.

    Rifle Scopes New Minox 5x25x56 LR

    What is reticle jump?
  10. Gil P.

    SAPI or Shooter?

    I used the shooter cut. It was easier to move my arms in. The good news is your far more likely to be killed by crashing your vehicle vs being shot. Unless you shoot yourself in the face on purpose like many do. What's your job?
  11. Gil P.

    Cadex Strike Pro chassis is finally here...

    Does removing the magwell and grip give you enough room to remove a pinned in trigger? If it does, id say it's a good thing.
  12. Gil P.

    Zealot Rifle Chassis by KMW

    Doesn't the Sako M10 do this? Or at least the magwell is a standard size and the magazines have spacers in the back behind the case head to accommodate different length cartridges. To standardize on a system like that, youd need different length bolt stops so you don't have a long action magnum...
  13. Gil P.

    First transgender Army Officer arrested....

    Anyone who wants to have their cock cut off or turned inside out, or whatever the fuck they do is crazy.
  14. Gil P.

    Why are people going to binos over spotters

    Lucky for me there's a bunch of wild horses nearby. I like to use my personal horses for sex, so I can't afford to jerky them.
  15. Gil P.

    Why are people going to binos over spotters

    How can you afford beef jerky?
  16. Gil P.


    Atlas needs to redesign their CAL cant pivot, it sucks. I'd like to try a tbac, but I'm That was the reason I sold my CAL. The canting function sucked. It will be nice to try the tbac when I get some money together.
  17. Gil P.

    Machine guns - time to sell?

    If you don't shoot it, get rid of it. I met a guy a couple years ago who had a pre ban full auto mp5 with a suppressor. He said he could sell it for 50k. I don't think he ever shot it.
  18. Gil P.

    Rifle Scopes New March FFP 5-42x56 High Master FML-TR1 preliminary review

    Good post. I can't see shit above 15x or 20x in the summer. How hot does it get where you live?
  19. Gil P.

    Remington 700 Alpha 1

    The only barrels that stayed accurate for me after they got hot have been customs. Maybe I was unlucky. My last and only 700 factory barrel was from around 2009.