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  1. Bundy

    Jeep Gladiator Owners

    I think this is the “I sometimes need a pickup, but want people to know I will still be covering my shift at the glory hole” thread!🤣
  2. Bundy

    Carrying weapon> Duty to Inform...

    In Oklahoma, all they can do is ask if you have a gun in your vehicle, it’s a simple yes or no, and that’s all you need to say, they can not ask what it is, where it is, or for you to hand it to them.
  3. Bundy

    What happened to Dracos Barrels?

    Yes it is that company, they are definitely overgassed, and ain’t a damn thing you can do about it because of their stupid ass gas system.
  4. Bundy

    Biden announces shutting down Coal Plants

    We still mine coal also, we could be energy independent as a state pretty fuckin easy, as a lot of the states could be is what these fucktards don’t understand. If the energy producing states would just shut the shit off for three days, we could bring the rest of the country to their fucking milk!
  5. Bundy

    It's Russia....what did you expect????????

    Monte Walsh said it best, “you have no idea how little I care”.
  6. Bundy

    What happened to Dracos Barrels?

    You didn’t miss much, we’ve got a couple, and they shoot decent, but their gas system sucked, no matter where you moved the gas tube they are still extremely overgassed, and their claim to fame was no cold bore poi shift, well there is. Plenty of as good if not better barrels for less money out...
  7. Bundy

    Eggnog snobs

    You shut your whore mouth!
  8. Bundy

    I think this guy was wanting to get dead.

    That guy has never choked on his own blood, and it shows. You take away someone’s most precious commodity, it’ll clear up a lot of that “mental disorder”.
  9. Bundy

    UPS To Require Unlimited Access To Firearm Shippers Books

    As a shipper and receiver of firearms daily, most of that article is horseshit, nothing has changed except the fact, you can no longer drop a firearm off at the hub, it’s has to be picked up by a driver, the reason we were explained, was too many guns are getting “lost” before they get scanned...
  10. Bundy

    FFLs Beware

    I got an idea guys, when y’all find a sight that only takes that kind of payment, instead of sending them the money, just send me half and I’ll send you a handwritten note that says “at least you saved 50%”, for fucks sakes!🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Bundy

    Helpful Graph, To Help You Find Out

    And the nectar of the gods is back on the shelves!
  12. Bundy

    possible hack of Hogden retail sight

    And with those deductive reasoning skills, you’re gonna stay poor. A fool and his money is easily parted.
  13. Bundy

    Liberals will be gone in 10yrs

    I figure they’ll just queer themselves right out of existence.
  14. Bundy

    My kinda hog hunting

    I’ve spoken to game wardens, state trappers, and biologists around here, and everyone seems to agree the only way to get a handle on the hog population is poisoning, and you’re just gonna have to accept some game bi-kill, but they also agree that as long as people are charging and paying...
  15. Bundy

    Postal Service Spying on Pro-2A Citizens

    The size of the “list” is the only thing keeping these fuckstains at bay.
  16. Bundy

    Should I be concerned?

    That was one of the oops I fucked up stories they told us in radiation class, we also saw the picture of what was left of his ass, and the secretary’s hand, what got handed the source. Not a good way to go.
  17. Bundy

    A historical and cultural anomaly.

    Leave it to a Califorinian to move here and tell us how we’ve been fuckin up! Typical.
  18. Bundy

    Your future IRS Agents...😂

    So.... Does the wheelie cool guy have to shoot his dog before, or after the raid?!
  19. Bundy

    Can someone please explain

    The math is simple, get rid of 537 people to feed millions.