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    Died Suddenly Documentary World Is Live On Rumble

    Too little, way too damn late. NEVER should have happened in the first place!
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Moose are extremely rare in my area...seldom seen. This was a few miles from town today. I need a decent compact camera as much time as I spend outdoors. My cell phone camera did not like 10 degrees...
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Went for a drive this pm after moving snow all morning. No coyotes spotted or called in. There must have been 50 magpies on a deer ribcage/hide. Probably 2-3 feet of powder snow in the area. It doesnt look good for the already depressed deer herds here. I'm trying to do my part in predator...
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    Fuck Jay Inslee, WA Idiot Governor

    Proposing to ban the sale of gas powered cars. Geez does he think he's gonna be around that long? The fix is STILL in? Hopefully this doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of happening, but it goes to show that libs have absolutely zero common sense. It's all about control comrade...
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Pretty amazing what mother nature does at times
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    Buh by…….

    Maybe if they had done something worthwhile, instead of fake news. Ho fucking Ho! Here's your departure papers...
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    WTB Looking for thunderbeast 50% pfff or free cert
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    Accessories Nightforce 56mm Bikini - SPF

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    More lab test rats for the MRNA flu vaccine

    Phuck Big Pharma... they ain't gonna quit. Heard this on the radio news today I don't know if its to the market or has been approved yet. I guess the death count or profits aren't high enough yet...
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    Best $1700 FFP 4-5xish by 24xish scope?

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    Trudeau at it again: Adds amendment for rifles and shotguns

    When is the civil war starting in Canada?
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    SOLD WTS TULA Ammo 7.62x39 1000 rounds

    Dayumnnnnn! It be GONE!
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    What boots are you wearing?

    Farm n Garden, woodcutting, hiking before it gets cold, whites smokejumper boots, they've gotten really expensive the last couple years, but durable as hell in extreme work conditions. Hunting, mid fall till it gets down to the teens, Kenetrek insulated, below that Whites or Hoffman pacs with...
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    Sudden pressure signs

    Any chance there was moisture or condensation on the "pressure" cases? (I.e. an unintended water test) That would bump your pressure substantially, particularly if you are at max load. Also, there's a possibility of case head expansion ahead of the web/base, that the sizing die is not...
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    Washington State bans spring bear hunting

    Dept. of No Fish and Wildlife, or the Wildlife Commission, or both strike again. We're still killing does, cows, calves in the state, along second tags, multi season bullshit, and now eliminating a season for a predator that preys heavily on young animals. We hunters, and big game animals...
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    Sniping Buffalo from the front porch

    Did you cast your own boolitz? Paper patched? Caliber... Details damnitt, don't leave us hanging.
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

    @driftersgear is a site sponsor/commercial supporter here FWIW, and have posted about components in stock.
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    How long to wait on a rifle or switch my order

    Find a Tikka in stock in the caliber you are looking for, and cancel your order so you can get out and shoot. A quick internet search located a couple blued versions at major dealers. Or change your order and get something thats in stock.