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    SOLD S&B PM II 5-25x56 MOA/MOA P4F Reticle

    There is another one on Accurate Shooter
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    SOLD S&B PM II 5-25x56 MOA/MOA P4F Reticle

    Payment received! The scope is sold to maggitas! I will send tracking info shortly. Thanks!
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    SOLD S&B PM II 5-25x56 MOA/MOA P4F Reticle

    Up for sale is my S&B PM II 5-25x56 MOA/MOA P4F reticle scope. I am the original owner of this scope and it is in excellent condition. The Hawkins Precision rings with bubble level are included along with the original factory box. Please read the box label for all the details on the scope...
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    Rifle Scopes MRAD & MOA, Can they coexist in the safe?

    I target shoot and hunt with both MOA and MRAD. Most of my MOA scopes are SFP and my MRAD scopes are FFP. I can make the jump back and forth very easily. Just make sure your ballistic app and range finders with ballistics are on the right settings.
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    Reloading Equipment .300 PRC Hornady 1X fired brass For Sale

    PM sent on current availability.
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    SOLD Piercision Rifle 6.5 SAUM, Kelbly Atlas SA, 26 Brux 7.5 tw, MPA Hybrid, and Jewell Trigger

    TTT I am willing to part this one out. Barreled action, trigger, and stock.
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    Firearms WTS: Impact 737 6mm BR _ Barrel Only / Like New, TACK DRIVER 🔥

    I will take it. I will send a PM with my details.
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    Firearms sold

    Nice snag! The actions are wonderful!