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  1. Diver160651

    SOLD RRS Realy Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod TFC-33 Mk2 for sale

    RRS Realy Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod TFC-33 3 section Mk2 for sale. Asking $900 plus shipping. These are out of stock at RRS and sell for $1,120.00 with the included sling collar Used once for an elk trip only car spotting - it's amazing but I have three tripods. Selling the one in the best...
  2. Diver160651

    SOLD SOLD MDT ACC With Extras 2K invested asking only $800

    $1,189.95 MDT ACC ACC Chassis System ( $369.95 MDT Skeleton stock short MDT SRS Short - Skeleton Rifle Stock Short ( $144.95 MDT Internal weights ACC Interior Forend Weights (5 Pack) ( $59.95 MDT external weights M-LOK EXTERIOR FOREND WEIGHTS (PAIR)...
  3. Diver160651

    SOLD Berger 105, with Lapua Small Primer Brass 6CM Berger factor rounds

    New Berger factory 6mm Creedmoor 634 Berger 6mm Creedmore with Lapua small primer brass. If you can even find this stuff it would be about $1400 in the Store asking $1200
  4. Diver160651

    SOLD Defiance Deviant Barrel Action with 5 Match ready barrels

    Selling a Defiance Deviant action with 5 match barrels, tuner and Bix and andy trigger About $7K invested. Barrels: 6GT Barrel NEW 6.5 CM Barrel NEW 6.5 CM Barrel NEW 6mm CM Barrel only 266 rounds 6.5 CM barrel new re-chambered Defiance Deviant Tactical medium action SA Bix and Andy TacSport...
  5. Diver160651

    SOLD Zero Compromise ZCO 5-27x56 ZMRAD MPCT-2

    Optics Package $3,980.00 ZCO 5-27x56 ZMRAD MPCT-2 ZCO 5-27x56 ZC527 Riflescope - | Zero Compromise Optic | CS Tactical $299.00 ARC M10 QD-L 20MOA single scope mount M10 QD-L Scope Mount | American Rifle Company $100.00 Tenebraex Scope cover set TBX PART FINDER - Page 1 - Armament...
  6. Diver160651

    Firearms accessories more re-listed soon

    $130.00 Riles Only Sling $161.00 2 5 round AW magazines Accuracy International AI-4267: AE MKI .308 (5 Round) - Mile High Shooting Accessories $161.00 2 10 round AI Magazines Accuracy International AI-0726: AW and AT Rifles 7.62/.308 Doublestack (10 Round) - Mile High Shooting...
  7. Diver160651

    SOLD Manners T-4 A Carbon with extras

    Manners T4-A; 3 flush cups, Henderson Henderson M-lock rail installed, Arca Rail, carbon fiber barrel channel inlay, pillars, professionally bedded 700/700 clones (upgrades are about $600 in costs) $700 shipped Gap Camo short Action Right handed Comes with 12” Henderson Arca rail not shown.
  8. Diver160651

    Puns intended- The inaugural 22 nonaffiliated; Silver oak invitational.

    Just wanted to share a super secret location where all of the rules are broken, except safety. Here at the Silver Oak Ridge in the back yard of @sfogold; @todd showed is how it was done, winning by 1 round. fellow hiders @Calvinho and @seansmd gave him a run until the last stage - mover near...
  9. Diver160651

    Spotters Post your Spotting scope images!

    Just thought it would be interesting to see how many people would share some of their images through their spotting scopes. Over the years I’ve owned most of the names. I wish I had a place to see a verity of images from both cheap and expensive glass in one spot to help me see and decide what...
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    Merry Christmas 🎁 ya’ll

    Christmas sky outside my front door. Merry Christmas to all you hiders who made 2020 entertaining and fun!!
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    Accessories Really Right Stuff Ultralight Series TFC-33 Mk2, spotting head and spotter platform

    This is about as good as it gets if you want to spot with ease using heavy glass. Slightly used: Bought late 2020 these are out of stock from RRS TFC-33 Mk2 $980.00 Tripod QD sling leg collar $60.00 QR Apex FC $30 Berlebach Model 553 Berlebach 2-Way Tilt Head $520.00 The 553 is topped with...
  12. Diver160651

    Optics SOLD F/S Swaroski 15x 56SLC and tripod mount

    Great condition, perfect fo spotter replacement and seeing trace. Swaroski 15x56 with tripod mount that sell great deal for $1750 plus shipping
  13. Diver160651

    Rifle Scopes Why you should NOT buy an FFP for reticle ranging for Precision Rifle and why it doesn't work well.

    If the first thing you thought when you read the title is that I have my head up my ass, you might find the link I am sharing interesting. If you're a precision rifle shooter and reticle ranging is in your top 5 reasons for buying an FFP, I'd consider you rethink your scope's true value. That...
  14. Diver160651

    Accessories SOLD KUIU Yukon rain set large -- Bino Harness and gators coming soon

    This is for KUIU’s top end rain gear set. New it’s about $750 with shipping etc. I have multiple sets and this one was only brought on 1 ELK trip. It is in perfect condition size large. the Yukon is robust enough to use as everyday hunting jacked etc. packed with great features Asking $425...
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    Firearm insurance?

    Anyone have a good agent and a reputable easy to work with company/agent recommendation? Thanks in advance
  16. Diver160651

    Optics 35mm 1.5” one piece Scope Rings MK6 Leupold

    MK6 Leupold List is $249 asking $100 shipped. See it here:
  17. Diver160651

    Optics SOLD Vortex PSTII 3-15 FFP Mill with extras F/S

    Great shape- this has an best in class 41’ FOV at 100y and light at 28oz a great cross over hunting scope. Asking $650 + shipping comes with: Vortex precision rings Butler Scope caps Scopeshield Through lever S
  18. Diver160651

    Accessories Feisol 3472, ball head and TAB gear sling

    Includes tab gear sling and ball head - shoots great. Weight is within 1oz of my RRS and Anvil. Good condition asking $450 for everything. Elite-class quality in an incredibly lightweight design! Our brand new second generation CT-3372 M2 is based on the outstanding Mark 1 FEISOL CT-3372...
  19. Diver160651

    Accessories SOLD MK Machining Magnetospeed Mount with 24" mounting rod.

    MK Machining Magnetospeed Mount with 24" mounting rod, never actually used. List price with rod is about $155 Asking $100 + shipping
  20. Diver160651

    Accessories SOLD JC Steel Tactical Table F/S

    Roughly 10.5" x 7” Made from 1/4” Aluminum diamond plate. Smooth Aluminum plate also available. Welded 80mm Arca 1.5” dovetail bracket Rough Tumbled Finish $25 + medium, flat rate shipping priority mail ($15.50)