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  1. KUDA

    Accessories Warne Skyline Bipod with Pic Adapter and Spiked Feet...$225

    Warne Skyline Bipod with Pic Adapter and Spiked Feet. $225 Bought it here not long ago This is a REALLY nice Bipod! Absolutely like new!!! Just not gonna use it for my build... Asking $225 shipped!
  2. KUDA

    SOLD WTS,WTT..LMT,MWS 308,18' ..

    I've decided to go a different route So I'm putting up my LMT MWS rifle Low rd count..(around 200) 18' ss 5r barrel Geissele S3G trigger Piccitinny Quad rail Surefire Socom Rifle is really nice! Shoots like a dream in this configuration! Price is $3650 plus the ride .. Optics,bipod...
  3. KUDA

    Accessories WTT,Geissele S3G Ar 10 trigger for Geissele SDE ar10

    Like the title states I've got a like new Geissele S3G Ar10 trigger with very low rds I'd like to trade for a Geissele SDE trigger Trigger is still in rifle And will be removed as needed for trade Comes with all it should from Geissele Including second spring Will sell outright alao...
  4. KUDA

    Accessories 308 3 Prong MB

    Not 100% sure of maker Was told it is a Sure fire It's off a 308 Not perfect but nice Definitely a Can adapter $45 shipped or Trade for a box of 175 fgmm Or a sling with QDs
  5. KUDA

    Accessories 1791 Holster and 1911 bobtail grips

    Need new home Brand new 1791 holster This is there multi fit owb Fits many different pistols Beretta, glock,1911,hk,etc These are amazing holsters $ the ride 1911 bobtail grips Unsure of maker ..But they are really nice! Fit a full size or commander Bobtail $20 plus the ride...
  6. KUDA

    SOLD WTS,WTT,LMT..2 stage trigger from MWS cqb rifle

    Like the title states I've got a like new LMT factory 2 stage trigger from a mws cqb 308 rifle Under 200rds Swapped it out for a geissele s3g $100 or trade towards a 30mm scope mount Shipping included Will add pics later today Thanks
  7. KUDA

    Accessories WTS,16'LMT,MWS ,CQB ,CL Barrel

    Looking to find a home for my cqb barrel Around 200 rds This is the factory mws cqb 16,chrome lined barrel $525 brake
  8. KUDA


    Up for grabs is a LMT 16'cl Barrel from my MWS CQB Has under 200 rds through it Perfect condition If you looking,you already know these are impossible to get currently..12 month plus wait! Can sell with or without Surefire sawtooth brake $525 shipped without brake $575 shipped with brake...
  9. KUDA

    Accessories Holster drawer clean out sale

    I've got a few holster and some grips to go to a new home 1st is a pair of Bob tail grips Not sure of maker,but very nice $25 2nd Nightingale mag pouch 1911,.45 New... $40 3rd 1791 Holster Brand new fits a bunch of different guns..see pic...I bought it for a railed commander with tall...
  10. KUDA

    Rifle Scopes Burris Xtreme Tactical 2-10x42mm or PST g2,3-15x44

    So I'm on the fence on optics for my mws 308 I've got a good set up for the rifle S3g trigger Have 2 barrels 16'cl and a 20 Ss 5R I want something can work for all I'll do with the rifle Close up stuff And maybe out to 600 yes I've been looking at the Burris Xtreme Tactical 2-10x42mm And the...
  11. KUDA

    WTB WANTED,Scope for Lmt MWS

    I'm looking for an optic for my mws 308 2 or 3 - 18ish? FFP Illuminated ret For around $600/700[some flexibility to go higher] Prefer with mount Let me know what ya have....
  12. KUDA

    SOLD Wts/WTT, Vortex Razor gen 2,non E 1-6 wuth Brownell HD mount

    I've decided to go for more of a long range optic So,I'm putting this up for sale or trade Glass and illumination is perfect,has a few nicks from normal use JM-1 rec Moa Vortex throw lever $950 shipped/insured Or trade on something with more power Vortex preferred but will consider others
  13. KUDA

    WTB LMT Barrel,308 or 6.5 in an 18 or 20

    I'm looking for a 308 or 6.5 lMT barrel In 18 or 20 stainless 5r Thanks in advance
  14. KUDA

    Firearms Fully loaded..LWRC,M6A5

    I've gotta come up with some funds for a new vehicle So I'm posting up one of my prize weapons! It's a LWRC M6A5 With all the bells and whistles!! Geissele SSA-E trigger 3 hole rail kit Troy comat grip SOLGWNOY brake Swampfox Arrowhead 1-8 Hostile engagement mount RMR footprint Several mags...
  15. KUDA

    SOLD NIB,Sig 716 Patrol Rifle G1,308

    I've decided to go a different route,and go for a custom build or higher end rifle... So I'm posting up a New in Box Gen 1 716 patrol rifle This is one of the last G1 series 2,rifles that came with all Magpul furniture H2 buffer system Rifle is unfired and has sat in the safe Has one small...
  16. KUDA

    Sig 716 PR G1.. long range/CQB?

    Hello all So its been a while since I've done any kind of build... But here is what I have... I just picked up a nib...Sig 716 PR Gen 1 rifle It has all the bells and whistles Magpul furniture, sights,etc H2 buffer My goal..... A CQB than can reach out and grab when needed! I've been looking...
  17. KUDA

    Firearms Wilson combat full custom CQB,Stainless over Baron Blue

    I picked up with the intention of carrying it But it's just to much for my bad surgery) Not to mention....She is Sooooo Purdy! So back she goes I can't say enough about the beauty of it! It is incredibly gorgeous!! Stainless over Baron Blue!!! I will list pics of the...
  18. KUDA

    308 5R caliber conversion

    Guys Ive been thinking about a cal conversion for my 5r 308 looking at the wsm's anyone have any first hand exp. with doing this? what has the be changed ...if staying with lets say a 300 wsm Thanks
  19. KUDA

    Which chassis.full chassis..or stock with dbm

    Guys Im a little confused is there a difference between a manners stock with a mini chassis and a manners stock with the badger dbm??? is a mini chassis just a manners stock already set up with a normal bo dbm??? on the site stock.....$560 stock with dbm...$860 didnt see the mini...
  20. KUDA

    Stock issue! Need ADVICE with Manners purchase

    Guys I have a stock remmy 5r barreled action I have a chance to purchase a { Nice Used Manners T5A stock} Its was bedded for a surgeon 591 action Now: Ive read that they both have the same footprint,,,So Im good there But..The barrel channel is quite a bit Wider than my barrel...