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  1. Huskyfever03

    Best tripod for tall shooter?

    Looking for advice for a first tripod for a tall user (6'7) Not too concerned about the weight or cost, just want something that is of really good quality that is tall enough for all types of comp/hunting. Thank you!
  2. Huskyfever03

    SOLD Manners T2A Gap

    PM sent
  3. Huskyfever03

    SOLD Nightforce nx8 4-32 mil-xt with nightforce ultalight medium rings. $1875

    I will take the nx8/rings. Shoot me your PayPal and I'll get it sent asap
  4. Huskyfever03

    Optics Nightforce 7-35 ATACR Mil-XT

    Sold to Badjujuu pending funds
  5. Huskyfever03

    SOLD Nightforce nx8 4-32 mil-xt with nightforce ultalight medium rings. $1875

    would be all over this if my atacr was sold. shoot me a pm if interested in a trade!
  6. Huskyfever03

    SOLD Nightforce 34mm rings. 1.125" 6 screw

    Open package new and never mounted. 1.125" 34mm ultralights, 6 screw. $150 shipped to you. Will accept discreet PayPal FF or venmo.
  7. Huskyfever03

    Optics Nightforce 7-35 ATACR Mil-XT

    Brand new in open box, never mounted or shot. Includes all factory items in box. Bought less than a month ago Just didnt work with my new build. $3050 shipped to you. Discreet PayPal FF, PayPal GS +4%, venmo or local FTF sale in western WA. PM for more photos
  8. Huskyfever03

    WTB Seekins 34mm rings. 1.0" or Nightforce ultralight 34mm rings 1.0"

    looking to buy new or used. let me know what you got!
  9. Huskyfever03

    Firearms SPF- Seekins Havak Bravo. 6.5 creedmoor

    For sale, 1 Seekins Havak bravo in 6.5 cm. 24" w/timney elite hunter and magpul aics short mag. Excellent condition (see photos). Stock has previously been krylon'd and was stripped back. Exactly 100rds of eldx through the gun and it shoots lights out. Looking to go to a lighter hunting setup so...
  10. Huskyfever03

    Atacr lock ring stuck?

    Sadly this is looking the route I gotta take. Heat and rubber gloves and it's still a no go. This is atacr #3 for me and I've never had an issue
  11. Huskyfever03

    Atacr lock ring stuck?

    Received my new atacr 7-35 and cant get the lock ring for the reticle focus to budge. What am I missing here?
  12. Huskyfever03

    Action wrench for havak?

    Yes I should have clamped it but have never once had it happen until now and the barrel spun before the brake did. Called seekins and they said their proprietary wrench is my only ticket Mine is in 6.5
  13. Huskyfever03

    Action wrench for havak?

    Does the havak action use a standard rem 700 action wrench? Just had the barrel come loose while removing my brake 😐
  14. Huskyfever03

    Havak bravo in W3 chassis?

    Anyone know for sure if the havak will fit into a gen 6 whiskey 3 without modification? I've read krg changed up the bravo so it would drop right in and I am wanting to upgrade
  15. Huskyfever03

    Help w/ new kestrel

    Noticing the same issue with mine that I just got from dale. May have to fork for the elite
  16. Huskyfever03

    seekins havak hp1 vs bergara hmr pro

    looking for a < $1500 rifle for sub minute target shooting and also hunting. Decided on the 6.5. Of these two, which is a better buy? cabelas is blowing the hp1 out at 1320 and my local store has one. the bergara would run me about $200 more after its said and done. either gun would likely end...