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    Primer pocket ideal seating depth?

    I am sure this has been discussed so many times that it forces some to roll their eyes back in their heads. But, I have to ask about two particular cartridges. I am loading Hornady brass for my 7MM Remington Magnum. Some of the pockets don’t seat the WLRM primers below the case rim. It becomes...
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    F/S Berger 6.5 130 and 140 grain Hunting/Target Bullets.

    100+ Berger 6.5, 130 gr. Hunting/target Bullets. 70 Berger 6.5, 140 gr. hunting/target Bullets. Asking $80 shipped conus. USPS money order. No PayPal.
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    F/S 300WSM brass....

    90 pcs. Of 300WSM brass, mostly Federal, some R-P. Once fired, cleaned, polished, primer pockets uniformed, flash holes deburred. $45.00 shipped CONUS. USPS money order if personal check would have to clear prior to shipping. MTG
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    7MM Mag with 160 Accubonds?

    Looking for load data for this combination for hunting load. Sako A7 Roughtech with 26” bbl. length, R-P brass, Federal brass, Fed. 215M and Win. WRLM primers, IMR 4831, H4831SC, Retumbo, IMR 4350, H4350, VArget, N540 and N550 components on hand. Thanks in advance for any and all input. MTG
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    Sake A7 Routhtech in 7MM Magnum...

    Gentlemen, has been some time since I have logged on to this forum. In the mean time I have purchased a Sako A7 Roughtech in 7MM magnum. Rifle has a 26” fluted black matt bbl. I have seasoned the bbl. via a 50 shot break in series. This was shooting 168 SMK Sierras. These shot to just under 1/2”...
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    6.5x284 H1000 loads?

    Win. 6.5x284 brass... My brass is Win. 284, never been fired circa 1970 new brass in cardboard boxes, that I have annealed, necked down to 6.5, neck turned and polished. I will attempt to load from 53.0gr. of H1000 up until I see signs of pressure. I am looking for moderate speed, 2800+ FPS...
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    6.5x284 H1000 loads?

    Hello all. I am in the process of developing loads for my savage 116 LRH in 6.5x284. This rifle sports a 26" bbl. and I my intended bullet is a Hornady 140 SST. I have a pound of H1000 that is a slow burning powder. Does anyone load their 6.5x284 with this powder and what are you dropping. Also...