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    Suppressors Efile form 4 Limbo

    You should have sent in the paper Form 4. I mailed a pair in back in early April and received the stamps in mid August.
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    Suppressors Subsonic Load Development (Keyhole Concerns)

    Yes test your reloads without a can. Make sure that they are good to go at different ranges before canning. My buddy had issues with keyholes using 4227 in the 300 blk.
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    Suppressors Has anyone heard of this? Delay in getting approved stamp.

    Two to three weeks between approved and receiving the stamp is almost normal.
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    New to me, HK PSG1. Very detailed overview inside.

    Back in the late 1980s, they were selling for $4500!
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    Suppressors Gemtech Quicksand end cap strikes, advise please ?

    Yeah I have a Sandstorm and they used to be advertised for 308, 30-06, and 300 WM, but now it's only 308.
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    Suppressors Red Jacket 22 can

    This...the best post yet on Surefire.
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    Suppressors Will suppressors be stamp free in the near future?!

    The Colt manufactured Thompson Sub Machine Gun was $200 (with compensator) that's why it's $200. If you had the money to buy the Tommy gun you could afford the transfer/stamp. The only people talking about adjusting for inflation are the keyboard commandos on the Internet. And yes $3500 per tax...
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    Suppressors Will suppressors be stamp free in the near future?!

    So that's what Kel has been doing since he left the big G.
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    Suppressors Where can I get an M16X1 RH to 5/8-24 RH muzzle adapter?

    Contact TROS. He can make just about any adapter. TROS USA
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    You idiots are gonna get fucked...

    LOL Yeah if you can read this thread... you are ok.
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    This guys a F'ing STUD

    Awesome kid.
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    Suppressors Suppressor build?

    What type of email account do you have?
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    Suppressors Something Wicked This Way Comes! Something new From Surefire

    First off I am not a fan boy of AAC, never was or will be. My point is you can buy quality cans from the other top companies for a quite a bit less than surefire and they are quieter too. So why spend so much more for a noisier can? A couple of the guys that I know that bought surefire cans...
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    Suppressors Something Wicked This Way Comes! Something new From Surefire

    Another over rated and over priced can from surefire.
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    Suppressors Load Development with and without Suppressor?

    I would do load development without the can in case you come up with a load that might be unstable and ending up with a keyhole on the target. That would cause a baffle strike.
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    Suppressors GEMTECH Barrels

    Thanks for letting me know. I needed another threaded barrel for my second G19, but knowing that they are LW I will pick up a Bar Sto or Strom Lake tube.
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    Suppressors 9mm or 45acp suppressor more fun?

    What ammo are you using? I have shot my 1911 and Osprey at an indoor range without any hearing protection. And trust me there were others around that had no problem with the sound level.
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    Invited to be a Freemason

    So it's about character. Interesting since I know one mason that has committed adultery a number of times ending his first marriage and now it's working on ending the second one; also a known liar. Plus, I know one that's a thief, stolen from two places, a gun club that he no longer belongs to...
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    Suppressors gemtech alright?

    I bought a M4-02 about eight years ago, my first gemtech unit and it's a great can. I also have a Trinity, multi mount, MK9K, Sandstorm, Alpine and a Halo and all work great. Their customer service is one of the bet...if needed.
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    Anyone up for a groundhog hunting sunday feb 2nd in central PA?

    Yep, I got the suppressed 308 ready to go.