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    Gunsmithing Newb stock question.

    I just received a B&C Medalist stock for my factory 700 sps action and barrel. For the most part the stock fit pretty well. The fore end and bolt area needed a little bit of cleaning up but nothing major. However, when I removed the stock I noticed the side of the receiver had stock chalk on it...
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    Range Report Handheld wind meters

    I am looking at purchasing a Krestel but to be honest, I am not sure what options are really needed. Can some of you with experience weigh in on features that are used and those that are fluff. Hardmix
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    Range Report IMI M855

    I bought 1100 rds of the IMI855 years ago. Google is not helping much as far as establishing what they are worth today. Any input would be appreciated. Hardmix