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  1. Trever

    MDT ACC Elite

    I have 2 of off the prior versions, very curious about the new update!
  2. Trever

    Pre-fit Barrel Problems

    I’ve used several prefits on 3 different actions and they all shoot awesome. Sometimes the evening doesn’t line up but it’s not a big deal to me. Personal preference.
  3. Trever

    Optics Optics Sale + Free Shipping + No Tax (Send PM)

    Price on NF nx8 4-32 ffp mil xt in fde
  4. Trever

    AMP annealer question

    I don’t clean before annealing.
  5. Trever

    AutoTrickler V4

    They are 8 months out? I ordered one about a month ago.
  6. Trever

    .22 br

    Since the dasher is in the br family, would this thread be helpful in load dev for a 22 dasher?
  7. Trever

    How do you practice for PRS?

    Practice??? I practice at next match😂😂 I do not recommend :)
  8. Trever

    Rifle Competition Events Best region for PRS matches

    Agreed ! Very nice venues in this region
  9. Trever

    Accessories Data card holders

    I’ll take 2 please
  10. Trever

    SOLD Manners LRH Stock