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  1. rope

    Hunting & Fishing Pics of your hunting rig

    Can am Defender 6x6, ranch bumper, winch and 30” Outback Max. It will be interesting to see how the Defender far over the Polaris 6x6 I have used the last three seasons.
  2. rope

    Hunting & Fishing GA Precision sheep gun

    Looking forward to sheep and moose season.
  3. rope

    Hunting & Fishing 2015 moose mount

    Just got the phone call from my taxidermist that my moose was done and sent a few pics.
  4. rope

    Hunting & Fishing 2019 tags

    How is everyone’s hunting season lining up? Anyone get any interesting tags? I have a Dall sheep hunt end of August and moose in the middle of September. Good luck everyone!
  5. rope

    Hunting & Fishing Hunting toy

    I ordered a 6x6, hopefully the 6x6 arrives before moose season, I imagine it will arrive the day after season.