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  1. archistrong

    Reloading Equipment Hornady GT brass

    Is the GT brass still available?
  2. archistrong

    Accessories WTS HawkHill .308 Blank, 1:8 twist, 31”, $325

    Have a 1.250” no taper HawkHill .300/.308 blank, 1:8 twist, 31” blank. Was going to use for a max effort 300 WinMag build but am not shooting ELR as much these days. Looking to trade for a .243 / 6mm blank, 27”, 1:7.5 twist. Prefer as heavy of a taper as possible. Open to No taper / Heavy...
  3. archistrong

    SOLD Wts Harris s-brm 6-9 $75.00 shipped

    I’ll take this if still available.
  4. archistrong

    Reloading Equipment 6.5CM Reloading Package

    Full Reloading setup - $550 (do not want to split up at this time). If your looking for a turn key package to get started loading 6.5 CM, here you go! 300 pcs Peterson brass (LPP) (3 firings) 120 pcs Lapua brass (SPP) (1 firing) 100 pcs Federal brass (SPP) (1 firing) 650 pcs 147gn ELD-M...
  5. archistrong

    Firearms Curtis Vector 6.5CM, Foundation, Hawk Hill

    Scope SOLD. Rifle now $2700 + the ride.
  6. archistrong

    Firearms Curtis Vector 6.5CM, Foundation, Hawk Hill

    Turn key package for a PRS package. $2700, buyer pays shipping. Selling for what I I’ve got into it, package would be more than $4600 new. Curtis Vector SA (RH), no set screw, full torque M24 26” Hawk Hill by A&O in Mound City, MO (1:7.5 twist, 575 rounds down barrel) Impact ACE Brake (6.5)...
  7. archistrong

    Reloading Equipment WTS / WTT Vihtavuori N150 7.5lbs

    Selling a partial jug of VV N150 (burn rate between H4350 and Varget), $200 face to face within 50mi of Lawrence, KS. Only loaded 100rds for testing, so more than 7.5lbs remain. Also willing to trade for a similar qty of Varget, H4350 or 500ish 105 Berger Hybrids (+cash on my end). Thanks,
  8. archistrong

    WTB WTB TriggerCam

    You just let me know! I’ll be 100% in on it. Thank you.
  9. archistrong

    WTB WTB TriggerCam

    Looking for a TriggerCam (any version). If you’ve got one you’re willing to part with, let me know. Not looking for a Tactacam at this time. -CJ
  10. archistrong

    SOLD WWT: TT for Bix

    I’ve got a TAC Sport Pro (single stage). PM if in interested.
  11. archistrong

    Firearms WTS: Foundation Genesis 2

    PM Sent, thank you.
  12. archistrong

    Accessories WTB Muzzle Brake 6.5mm

    I have a 6.5 Area 419 Sidewinder (black oxide). $150 shipped, PM if interested.
  13. archistrong

    SOLD Send IT XSL level- $140

    I’ll take this
  14. archistrong

    Reloading Equipment SOLD - 6.5 Creedmoor Brass and Bullets(Berger & Lapua)

    I’ll take the Lapua brass and the 140 Hybrids.