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    Rifle Scopes Best place to buy Vortex Razor 5-20

    I am in the market for another Vortex Razor 5-20HD 10 mil, EBR-2. Seems like everywhere that sells them has the same price ($1999) Anybody know somewhere that gives military discount or hide member discount? I would probably buy a used one on here but I plan on putting it on the credit card...
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    140 hybrids in a 8.5 twist? Gtg or no

    I am wondering if anybody has any experience shooting 140gr Berger hybrids in a 8.5 twist barrel. I am in the process of a 260 build and have a Bartlein 8.5 twist 5R barrel I just picked up on here. I already have a 260 with a 8 twist Krieger and it shoots the hybrids better than anything else...
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    Member Link Up Anyone in Dahlonega/North Georgia

    I will be relocating to Dahlonega, GA in about 6 months and am looking for some place/people to shoot with. The only place I have heard about up that way so far is River Bend. Anybody know of anything else preferably some place to shoot long range. I'm not opposed to driving a little ways and...
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    multicam chair

    So bored as fuck sitting in Kuwait for 9 months... I bought a piece of shit folding chair at the PX and within a week it was falling apart at the seams. Luckily I brought my sewing machine and a large supply of cordura and sewing supplies. The only thing I used from the old chair was the...
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    243 is now a 260

    I decided to send my 243 off to be rebarreled to 260 after the accuracy started falling off. Besides the new barrel I also had the chamber set back on the 243 barrel to get some more life out of it and recoil lug pinned so I could put the 243 barrel back on myself if I wanted. The 260 barrel...
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    Hunting & Fishing First Deer Ever

    I shot my first deer ever yesterday. It was a little 8 point buck taken at 471 yards with my 243 shooting a 105 AMAX. That is the exit hole in the pictures.
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    105 AMAX moly wont shoot in my .243

    I normally shoot 105 AMAX bullets in my 243 and it has shot under .4 MOA at 100 yards once I found a good load. I recently bought 800 moly coated 105 AMAX bullets off of a member here not knowing they were moly coated. Well I decided to keep them and give them a try rather than send them back...
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    Photos Grandpa's old rifle...

    Winchester M70 .30-06, SN:25xxx, 28" heavy barrel, scope says J.W. Fecker. Made in 1940 according to my google findings. It has spent at least the last 20 years just sitting at my parents house. My dad told me my grandpa used to brag that he could shoot groundhogs at 400 yards. Not sure...
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    Photos Sewing skills are gettin better...

    Im gonna quit the Army and open up a tactical sew shop. This is what I do when I get bored at home. Made 10 rear bags on Sunday from shit I had laying around. Took a few prototypes to get it perfected but they turned out pretty nice.
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    Photos All in a days work...

    Put a fresh coat of Krylon on our M24s at work today. Made the pattern out of lamination paper then cut them out stuck em on and sprayed away. Turned out pretty good.
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    getting the boot

    So I keep hearing about people getting kicked off of this site or banned for a year or whatever, so being that I'm new I was just wondering what it takes to get the boot. I'd love to hear personal stories or reasons people you know have gotten banned.
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    Photos good use of a ping pong table

    mission prep
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    Photos new rifle

    Built by Tactical Rifles, Remington 700 .308 26" barrel, McCann Industries MIRS system, Badger Rings, Nightforce 3.5-15x50, Manners T4 stock
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    This site is expensive...

    I love this site but all I have done since joining is spend money. Maybe someday when I have 100 posts I'll start selling stuff on here.And 99 of my posts will probably read "Ill Take it" Until then guess Ill just keep spending. Oh well, I've found a lot of good deals and would rather buy...