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    Gunsmithing 40x Trigger ??

    A friend of mine is looking into getting a 40x trigger. Can someone please give me the pros and cons ?? Thanks for your help !!
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    Maggie’s Church Bulletins

    They're Back! Those Wonderful Church Bulletins! Thank God for church ladies with typewriters. These sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services (Summer, 2007 Release). ---------------------------------------------------------- The Fasting & Prayer...
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    Info on M40 Commemorative Rifle ?

    Just saw a write up in American Rifleman and was wondering if anyone has one or has used one and what a fair price for one would be. One thing I noticed about the ones I have found for sale is the barrel doesnt look like it is the same size as teh original.
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    Gunsmithing Muzzle brake question

    What are the muzzle brakes called that look like the stock barrel with holes in it ?? A friend had one like this years ago and it seemed to make good bit of difference. Anyone have any info on these type of breaks or who does them ?? Thanks.