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    Sidearms & Scatterguns AR400 1/4" for pistol?

    Just wanting to know if it will hold up or not to 9mm and .40 or if I should go 3/8?
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    Photos Remington AAC-SD

    My AAC-SD as it is now, still more work to be done.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns CZ P-01

    Just wondering if any body could tell me how wide the grip area is or if you have a glock 19/23 post a pic of them side by side from the back. Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes bushnell elite warrenty?

    I have a bushnell 3200 elite 10x40 mil dot, this past week end at the range I notice that something was on in the inside of the objective lense, kinda like tint peeling back on car window. Does any one know exactly how it is coated? I called them and all they could say send it to them and they...
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    Reduced loads for LC brass?

    Do I need to reduce load size for thicker LC brass over what I would for PPU? This is for 5.56 LC brass if it matters. I have searched on here and google. Some say yes some say no.