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  1. ken226

    Geraldo Rivera

    I only ever liked seeing Geraldo also on TV once. When he took a chair to the face. It was a good look for him! He shoulda kept the nose patch, like, a trademark. Like that Eye patch McCain guy
  2. ken226

    Is something going on in Ukraine?

    I was in a mech infantry company for 3 years. Our brigade had one battalion of M1 Abrams. While deployed we had a very big convoy of fuel trucks pretty much every single day to bring out fuel, parts and air filters for the Abrams, M88s, Bradleys etc. I remember the air filters being a huge...
  3. ken226

    Is something going on in Ukraine?

    And threatened NATO, saying basically that if they keep it up, they may get their "depopulation" after all, just not in the way they want.
  4. ken226

    Let's Go Brandon

    He fell UP the stairs.....
  5. ken226

    Pelosi's husband attacked at home.

    Various sites indicate the the suspect, David Depape, who is an "illegal alien" from Canada, was close friends with nudist activist Gypsy Taub. He was the best man at Gypsy Taubs wedding. Do a Google search for " San Francisco activist Gypsy Taub". 🤣 Theres some off the fucking charts...
  6. ken226

    Laser for Barrel Marking

    You could get a small CNC mill for significantly less than 5k and easily mark barrels.
  7. ken226

    The Green Tax: Electric Vehicle Owners Shocked by Battery Replacements Costing $20,000+

    🤣 The VIN on that invoice is for a 2012 Chevy Volt KBB retail value: Sucks to be him.
  8. ken226

    Americans less important than combloc Ukes per your “leaders”

    Better watch it buddy!! You arguing with the guy that has the world's third most dangerous job. Right behind pit bull groomers and jet pack operators!
  9. ken226

    One ping, Vasily

    They spotted it, still in the Arctic. It looks like Seattle is still safe. For now. 😔
  10. ken226

    One ping, Vasily

    They spotted it, still in the Arctic. It looks like Seattle is still safe. For now. 😔
  11. ken226

    Top 20 deadliest jobs

    I can totally see why some of those professions top the list.
  12. ken226

    Kidnapping victim gets shot by......

    I get it. The facts aren't in yet. Hopefully, there's some video from the helicopter, a dashcam or something. But in the meantime, In the absence of facts, we should definitely assume it was cold blooded murder. 🤔 If there's a conclusion to be jumped to, you may as well pick your favorite...
  13. ken226

    Kidnapping victim gets shot by......

    Does it still count as murder If she started shooting at the police first? Just curious.
  14. ken226

    FBI just raided Mar-a-Lago

  15. ken226

    Maggie’s Safety Razor

    I love feather blades, especially in a Feather ASD2. It is my daily routine. It was pricey, but worth it. I have a couple pre WW2 Gillette Tech's, and while they are really good, the ASD2 is badass. Tabac soap and Tabac aftershave.
  16. ken226

    Gunsmithing Updated UPS rules for firearms

    From the guy who was whining in another thread because he can't smoke dope at a public range. 🤣
  17. ken226

    Is something going on in Ukraine?

    The irony is funny. That little flag up by the username is a virtue they're willing to signal, but the price tag directly related to that symbol, not so much! 🤣 Let's see how they're doing in January.