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    Help with finding varget

    You can either go to gunbot's website and look around, or you can download their app for your smartphone.
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    GemPro 250 Digital Scale - Awesome!!

    I've been considering buying one of these units due to the high level of weighing accuracy, but after reading the article below, it looks like they have a serious issue when trying to do dynamic weighing; such as trickling up from a short load. Have any of you guys with these went back and...
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    "Reading" OCW Targets

    Not sure you can chalk it all up to the bullets. I've shot a lot of .25-.5 MOA groups with FMJ bullets. I agree that there are definitely more inherently accurate bullet types out there, but the bullet in this case is only a small variable.
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    Advice on first steps with .223 Remington 700 build

    Don't forget a good set of rings to go along with the rail. I like the Badger Ordnance rings, but there are several good ones; Nightforce, seekins, tps, to name a few. One of the first things I would do after you get your scope all mounted up is to address the trigger. You can either adjust it...
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    22-250 80 grain bullet load recipes wanted

    Which bullet are you using? I'm getting ready to work up a load for my fast twist 22-250 with the 80gr Nosler Custom Comp's. Keep us updated on your load development.
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    Odd flyers in 5 shot groups

    Do you know if it was always the 5th shot in the string that was the flyer? Or was it random as to which shot opened the group?
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    "Reading" OCW Targets

    I agree with the others, scrap this entire test session. Pick a load, either factory or handloads, and practice, practice, practice. Once you are getting good consistent groups, then re-visit the OCW at a distance of at least 100yds, and see how it turns out then.
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    Range Report Finding Balistically Relevant Range

    ACI's & Mounts - Sniper Tools Design Co - Home of the Angle Cosine Indicator This would be my choice, if I didn't use an angle calculating rangefinder.
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    Thumbler's tumbler question/issue

    When it is trying to start, is the motor pulley spinning on the belt, or does it act like the motor is stalled? I run mine exactly as Six 4 Sure stated, and have had zero issues. I inject a bit of poly grease where the drive shafts pass through the Teflon bushings, this helps reduce noise and...
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    Range Report Finding Balistically Relevant Range

    I think your best bet if you hunt mostly in the mountains is to buy a rangefinder that automatically calculates this for you. This will allow to get on the target (animal) much quicker than having to range it, read your angle indicator, and then calculate the proper shot distance.
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    Load Help

    What powder are you using, and what is your charge weight at your low node?
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    Load Help

    I've loaded many rounds at both the low and high nodes, and haven't had any problems with consistency either way. My personal opinion, however, is if I can increase my load density percentage and velocity, and still maintain top notch accuracy, I see no reason not to. One thing I try to stay...
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    Projectile tarnishment after long storage duration

    I agree with everyone else, store them in a sealed container with some desiccant, and you should be good to go.
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    Aftermarket stock questions

    Bedding a stock isn't that hard. If you're putting on one of the stocks that have the full-length aluminum bedding blocks, all you need to do is a skim bed. Google it, and you should be able to find some good instructional videos.
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    Runout Problem with .223

    I agree with focusing on safe loads first, just trying to help with the original problem when you do get back to reloading for it.
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    Runout Problem with .223

    Back to your original mission to reduce runout...on a standard press with a threaded die hole, I like to put an o-ring under the die lock ring and then tighten the die into the press. The o-ring will allow the die to float just slightly to help it align better with the case. This is the same...
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    26" .308 ocw

    Looks to me like 41.5 gr, 2.800 OAL and the CCI 200 primers if your sd and es look good on the chronograph. Nice work!
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    bullet fairy visited today

    Those things remind me of some icbm's! What are the b.c.'s on those?
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    Jambing a bullet into the lands, using Hornady OAL to find base to Ogive, Help me?

    In my opinion, bullets get pulled from the case when two things occur: 1) the bullet is seated far enough into the lands to start the engraving process, thus "squeezing" the bullet, and 2) using too light of neck tension to overcome the resistance created from having the bullet jammed into the...
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    Jambing a bullet into the lands, using Hornady OAL to find base to Ogive, Help me?

    I posted this in the other thread about finding base to ogive length. Hope it helps. "I have tried about every method and tool out there to find the base to lands length on my rifles. The best way I have found to do it is to close the bolt on an empty chamber and insert a cleaning rod down...