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    Optics FS- EOTech G45 5x magnifier w/ flip mount

    G45 still available
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    Optics FS- EOTech G45 5x magnifier w/ flip mount

    EXPS sold. G45 still available.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Recommendation for chest holster for Glock 17/19

    Razco makes a good chest holster and rig as well. I have one I’ve used for Glocks on several western multi day hunts. I like it better than my friend’s Kenai.
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    Proof carbon long shot strings/high rate of fire

    Maybe listen to the guy that knows a thing or two about shooting rifles. Frank has discussed this issue wit PROOF cf barrels many times. I’ve used many CF barrels myself, and he’s absolutely right. The barrels themselves are accurate and don’t shift. The shift you get is mirage coming off the...
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    Help me choose a caliber/barrel length for a suppressed deer gun

    Going to be tough to squeeze that .358 bullet through a .30 suppressor. Ive got a 20” proof 300 WSM that I use with a U7. It’s my preferred out west rifle. But for your case, I’d go #2 and call it good. A 16” 308 will kill any deer out there within 300 yards
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    Optics FS- EOTech G45 5x magnifier w/ flip mount

    For Sale: EOTech G45 5x magnifier (black) with factory flip to side QD mount. Optic has been mounted but is in perfect condition. All factory packaging and warranty card included. $500.00 shipped via UPS. Venmo preferred.
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    SOLD For Sale: Vortex FURY HD 5000 AB rangefinding binos

    SOLD Brand new in the box Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Rangefinding binoculars 10x42 This is the new version with built in Applied Ballistics, and will Bluetooth pair with a Kestrel. Still in factory sealed box. $1450.00 Shipped fully insured from MS. I will accept Venmo, Paypal FF, or check in the...