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    WTB 6.5x47 brass

    Pm sent
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    XLR Element $300

    Seconds if it falls through.
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    Let me check at home. I think I have a nice set left.
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    Tripod hammock

    Who makes the soft shelf for tripods?
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    PRS Talk 22 LR prs matches

    We started a series last year here at Peacemaker. Check out our webpage www.peacemakernational/prc and our FB page Practical Rimfire Challenge. For 2018 Lapua is our title sponsor.
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    How Does One Qualify to Sell Items on the Post Exchange

    Having same issue been here since 2008.
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    Rimfire PRC in the Southeast?

    If you are talking about the Practical Rimfire Challenge than no. That was started at Peacemaker in WV and will only be held their in 2018. However their have been more "PRS" style rimfire matches popping up since we started this last year.
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    PRS Talk PRS Pro Tips 2017 at Peacemaker National

    Follow link below link below for more details.
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    Training Courses PRS Pro Tips 2017 at Peacemaker National

    Registration is now open for the PRS Pro Tips 2017. This event will be July 1 & 2 2017 here at Peacemaker National in WV. Follow link below for more details and to register today.
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    ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge May 13 Peacemaker WV

    Still have spots available for our second ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge of 2017. We will have 9 new stages for this match with targets out to 300 yards. This is a 1 day prize table match, follow link below to register.
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    Peacemaker PRS Challenge WV June 10 2017

    Registration is open for the Peacemaker PRS Challenge to be held June 10 2107 at Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, WV. This is a PRS Club Series match and also the site for the North East Regional Finale. Follow the link below for event page and registration. Please email me for...
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    ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge

    Still have some spots open for this Saturday's match. Follow the link in the OP for registration. prize table sponsors include: ELEY Volquatrsen Swaro Kahles Kestrel Tandemkross Lapua SK Ammo Hawk Hill Custom MDT Redding Reloading Froglube
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    PRS Talk looking to get into the series need a range

    Here at Peacemaker we have open to the public and members our Frontier Fridays on the first and third Friday of each month. We have 20 to 30 targets set from 300 to 1100 yards. You can shoot as much as you like or as many rifles as you want. We have RO's on site for safety. Cost is $75 for non...
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    Results 2014 Nightforce Precision Shootout PNTC WV

    Here are the results from the 2014 Nightforce Precision Shootout. Rank Shooter Total Group Size 1 Dave Preston 886 539.6 2 Mat Gervais 862 554.3 3 Joe Walls 839 299 4 Cory Harrison 837 1063.9 5 Dave Ostrowske 827 348.2 6 Rhett Walters 812 453.2 7 Benji Bates 757 334.8 8 Shawn...
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    Nightforce Precision Shootout at PNTC Aug 23 & 24

    Looking like 130 should get you guys through the match.
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    DMR Championship at PNTC, WV 7-26/7-27

    Here is a picture of the prize table and shooters. Rank Last First Total 1 Kenney Ian 869 2 Wissing Frederick 789 3 Birchner Brix 779 4 Culotta Jack 772 5 Coar Evan 732 6 Burkholder Shawn 729 7 Keister Greg 716 8 Welsh Dylan 701 9 Radolec...
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    Outstanding idea Jon. I'll play ball if it gets put up.
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    Nightforce Precision Shootout at PNTC Aug 23 & 24

    Still have some spots open.
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    DMR Championship at PNTC, WV 7-26/7-27

    We still have some spots open. All skill level's are welcome to compete, this is not an invitation only or point s event. We got some great stages planned and a really good looking prize table.
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    DMR Championship at PNTC, WV 7-26/7-27

    Sponsored by Nightforce. Hello that means we will be giving some away. In addition to a Defiance Z15 upper and lower matching set, Certs from Manners, stuff from Hawk Hill Customs, Tab Gear and a big box of goodies from our friends at Brownells. DMR Championship 7/26-7/27