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    #1 of 20 McMillan Commemorative M40A1...Thoughts?

    Beautiful rifle but a bit pricey. Don't think the McMillan build is necessarily better than say a GAP build.
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    Mississippi Open Carry

    PA is an OC State. Not a big fan ... prefer to 'walk softly and carry a big stick' myself. However, I always OC a sidearm when out hunting. A big issue I have with OC here in PA is that many times it's about confrontation with law officers to prove a point. Just can't get into that.
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    Went a little crazt at the B&M cigar shop yesterday...

    Lol, where there goes all your firearm $$s!
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    M40a1 build guide

    I would tend to think the satin 2nd Gen.
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    Gunsmithing vintage 700? guess I'll try an M40 build

    Call Connor at He's currently building an M40 for me with a '67. He can give you some good advice.
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    good sign that the semi-auto market is getting back to normal

    ARs are on the shelves of shops by me. It's the ammo I'm still waiting on ...
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    noob from PA

    Welcome from Bucks!
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    Maggie’s What's your favorite food and how's it prepared?

    Pizza and beer. Close second is smoked baby back ribs.
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    another 1903 a3 question or two

    Does the barrel have a date stamp (e.g., 2-43)? Flaming bomb?
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    Would you guys mind helping me look over this reloading supply list?

    I would stay away from the red media. Have heard that it is rouge and contains a grit, which is not good for your barrel. I use a uniforming tool and it makes seating the primer much easier. Just a thought ... you may want to start with 9mm first as it doesn't require case trimming and is...
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    FNG from PA

    Welcome from Bucks!
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    A question for all you manly men target shooting an M40

    Hey guys ... have been traveling a bit for work so haven't had much of a chance to go through everything here. Thanks to everyone who responded ... will sift through and try out what you all are suggesting.
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    A question for all you manly men target shooting an M40

    Will look into shooting with the sling. I can tell you that I have not had this issue with any of my other rifles ... M1, M1A1, Savage PC10 in .308, etc. Each of these I can shoot all day. Also, my hand loads aren't particularly heavy ... 40.5gr of H4895 behind a 168gr Nosler HPBT.
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    A question for all you manly men target shooting an M40

    Ok, first time out with my M40 commemorative yesterday to zero scope and see how well she shoots. 25 rounds later my right shoulder feels as if I've been kicked by a mule. Yes, had the butt in the pocket of my shoulder, leaned into the rifle and had a good cheek weld. So what's your all...
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    Lurker from PA

    Welcome ... I'm in Bucks!
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    Rifle Scopes Trouble zeroing MST-100

    I will learn this scope!
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    Rifle Scopes Trouble zeroing MST-100

    Lol, of course i did. Did retighten. Do I need to adjust anything after loosening?
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    Who all's got a "Vintage Sniper Rifle"

    Here ... a GAP built M40A1, M40 Commemorative, and a Win M70 in the works.
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    Rifle Scopes Trouble zeroing MST-100

    Guys ... just double checked and that's it! What through me off is that the hex lock-down screws are different sizes between the elevation and windage turrets. Smartass is good!
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1961 Colt Detective Special

    Have one as well and is my preferred carry piece. Best of luck with yours.