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    .243 powder choices

    With the shortages we are enduring I’m looking for an alternative powder for my .243 PRS rifle. I have used H4350 with great success and looking to try H4831 or the SC variant. Has anybody shot this powder with 105gr loads? I’m in Deep South Texas where it’s 90 degress plus almost year round...
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    Range finders

    Great info my friends. I'll look into those units. Been reading a lot and you all are right on par. Thanks again
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    Range finders

    Im looking to upgrade to a better laser range finder for some upcoming matches. what im looking for from my fellow shooters is any info on which LRF would be best that is similar to the Leica 1600 or zeiss units. I dont want to break the bank but which unit can get target distance return from...
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    Re: 2011 THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE Sounds pretty good. Is this match limited to a certain number of teams? We have it marked down.
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    2011 Steel Safari Match Announcement

    Re: 2011 Steel Safari Match Announcement Thanks to all the steel safari crew for a great match. This was without a doubt the toughest match ive ever experienced. I am anxious for next year and will be ready for the wind. Thanks to Stan and Cody for the Ro work. Looking forward to shooting...