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    Gunsmithing Turn around time for pin/weld

    +1 on John Thomas. Have had the same experience with multiple items sent to him. Highly recommend him. -Rainman
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    Geissele Quality Control: A Lack Thereof

    I have to agree with this. I have a relatively new (this year) SD16 upper receiver group that's accurate, soft-shooting, and (so far; relatively low round count) reliable. Pappasniper has posted similar satisfaction with his SD16 rifle. I first read of this issue on another forum, and reports...
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    Geissele Quality Control: A Lack Thereof

    Very timely, and I sent a link to this thread to my friend who sent me the following email this past Tuesday concerning the first outing for the Super Duty 11.5 pistol that he recently received... Spent 3 hrs. at the range today with the Geissele Pistol. I was unimpressed enough to plan a call...
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    First Rifle Input

    Lots of good choices have been offered. Geissele is NOT over-gassed per this recent SH thread... I purchased a Super Duty 16" URG from the same sale as the above thread's OP and shot last weekend...
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    Rubber City BCG Sales

    Will these work in an LMT MARS-H 6.5 CM upper? Thanks. -Rainman223
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    LMT 6.5CM upper $1200 @LMT

    Is V1 the best source for a BCG? Any other places worth trying? Thanks. -Rainman
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    Black Hills 77GR OTM 5.56mm Red Box 500 Round cases in stock

    Feeds in every AR I've ever tried and shoots very well.
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    Rifle Scopes Athlon Ares BTR - $399-$425 @ MidwayUSA

    +2 on both counts. Received mine from Doug today. -Rainman223
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    Rifle Scopes New high power Nightforce NX8?

    Thank you Vegas. I'm looking hard at this NF for a recently acquired Colt CLT CM6518S. -Rainman
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    Help: Build me a Suppressed Pistol

    Nice build! Curious; who's hand guard? -Rainman223
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    Rifle Scopes *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    Many thanks for that info. I'm quite familiar with "cannot be utilized on max intensity". I shot my ATACR about a week ago, on an extremely bright/sunny day, back-to-back with another AR that has an Aimpoint T2. I wasn't able to shoot the T2 at maximum brightness; I don't believe I've ever...
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    Rifle Scopes *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    I have no experience with the NXS but have owned the ATACR for ~2 months. I have to admit being somewhat disappointed in the brightness of the dot, after reading reports that it was "Aimpoint bright". Okay, maybe Aimpoint-at-half-power-bright IMO. I very much like the ATACR so far and making...
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    Rifle Scopes 1-8 for an SR-25

    What scope mount is that? Thanks. -Rainman223
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    Rifle Scopes Reset Nightforce Eye Adjustment

    I recently had to redo the focus of a NXS 2.5-10x32 and called NF customer service. I was told that at the factory, they use an optical tool to set diopter focus (i.e. factory standard) to +/-2 on the diopter scale. Rather than try to find factory setting without an optical tool, the best way...