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  1. mi650

    Small Suppressed 22 Pistol

    We've used mostly mini-mags without issue. She's had 2 Sig Mosquitos that ran flawlessly with them, too. Neither of those were suppressed, though.
  2. mi650

    Small Suppressed 22 Pistol

    I came in here to not recommend this. My wife has 1 that's been a problem child. 1st, the front sight fell off. Wasn't a huge deal, and they sent 4 replacements. Right now, it won't fire. I haven't given up on getting it running again myself yet. I'll strip and clean/lube it one more time...
  3. mi650

    Accessories WTT/WTS misc. AR parts

    Here's some stuff that's been taking up space in my tool chest, most of it has never been used. Ideally, I'd like to trade for some stuff I need. What I have: Carbine length gas tube- 1 Carbine length hand guard w/o heat shield- 1 Mid-length hand guard w/ heat shield- 1 Standard carbine...
  4. mi650

    Optics Leica Ultravid HD+ 12x50

  5. mi650

    Sidearms & Scatterguns I "modernized" my lever gun...

    Compared to a lot of these, my Henry X-Model .30-30 is just plain boring. So boring that I guess I haven't bothered to take a pic of it. But it kills deer dead, and is very quiet suppressed.
  6. mi650

    Optics WTS/WTT- 1 left- Tangent Thetas, 5-25 Gen2 XR- Long list of trades- more trades

    Letting go of the last of my TTs. Fantastic glass, but honestly more than I need. Both are in excellent condition, with 1 or 2 very minor imperfections, pictured. Deal pending on this one. This one has a very small ding on the elevation & windage turrets. Nothing else that I've seen. Look...
  7. mi650

    SOLD SPF. WTS/WTT R700 RH TriggerTech Special 2-stage flat

    Package has been opened, but trigger has not been used/installed. $225 shipped CONUS. Would consider trading for a quality 2-stage flat AR trigger, +/- a little $$ is OK.
  8. mi650

    SOLD Greyboe Renegade

    IM inbound.
  9. mi650

    SOLD Greyboe Renegade

    Greyboe Renegade, R700 SA, RH, OD green. Badger Ordnance M5. It's seen light use from my bench, was on an RWS .308 with m24 profile. $425 shipped CONUS.
  10. mi650

    Optics Leica Ultravid HD+ 12x50

    Absolutely like new, they've never been out of my house. I bought them new a year ago. Side by side with my 12x50 ELs, I couldn't decide which was better. Everything they came with from Leica is included. $2050 shipped CONUS. Open to most payment options except PP G&S. Not really...