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    WWII Beretta 38/42 SMG

    It is a nice build. I regret selling my 38/42. But you can't keep them all......
  2. J

    WWII Beretta 38/42 SMG

    The gun in the "Italian Paratrooper" photo on left is a Beretta 38A, barrel shroud is the difference, I believe it has a machined receiver. If memory is correct, the 38/42 had a fluted barrel, sheet metal receiver. The 38/44 had a non fluted barrel, sheet metal receiver. They got cheaper as the...
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    FBI Sniper Rifles

    T There were about 15,000 original Colts and no telling how many military WWII vintage 1928's, 1928-A1's, M1's, and M1-A1's were produced. There are a couple of books that have documented where some of the Colts were originally sold. You could buy them at the local hardware store. The '21...
  4. J

    FBI Sniper Rifles

    That's a Savage 1928-A1, WWII vintage, not a Colt. Makes me feel better you aren't out blasting with a Colt. Can I assume that it's an old office, if they have Thompsons in inventory?
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    "The Poor's" Welcome You.......

    That's a OLD photo. Looks like 24"? That work site wouldn't be allowed today. Not enough egress points, not enough fire watch, no trench box, no gas detector, not enough .........., and not enough company inspectors on the side of the ditch! And must not be a union job, not enough people...
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    FBI Sniper Rifles

    HA!! Any idea what that "leather wrapper box with purple felt interior" is worth? $$,$$$. Few survived. Between the weight of the Thompson, a 50 round drum loaded, and 4 20 round mags loaded, it got kinda heavy. They fell apart, were dropped loaded, thrown in trunks, etc. Please let me...
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    FBI Sniper Rifles

    Do you have any of the original hard cases with them???
  8. J

    FBI Sniper Rifles

    Several years ago the Cleveland office had several (2?) Colt Thompsons in their inventory and boxes full of original Colt parts in the printed paper envelopes. I would like to know if the story about Louis Freeh having a Washington office Colt Thompson cut up for a display board as a retirement...
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    Well, isn't this inconvenient? "Former" FBI counter intel head for NY office arrested.

    FOX is reporting that he DiD work on the Trump Russia investigation.
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    Killed by his Cock.

    I had a guy bring in a set of fighting knives to work to show us. They are custom ordered/made, SS, don't remember where. There are different styles and lengths of knives and sharp as razors. He fought chickens in SW LA for a few years while his wife worked the gate and books. Expensive...
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    FBI Sniper Rifles

    Did they/FBI only use the 3.5-10 VXIII's? Were the 4.5-14 w/AO tactical's ever used?
  12. J

    What’s the trick to get a CZ 457 bolt knob off?

    It came off with more heat.
  13. J

    Any feedback on barrels from SD Rifles in AZ?

    The only thing I found here was about 10 years old. Web site doesn't show they sell barrels only now. Someone local has one they want to move. FYI it's a 6MM 1:7 Added: Super fast response from Scott Milkovich at SD Rifles this morning!! McGowen barrel, stainless steel button rifled, and most...
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    Davos '23

    What do they know?
  15. J

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Bill Criminalizing ‘Conspiracy to Commit White Supremacy,’ Criticism of Non-White People.

    Been on congress over 25 years and never passed a bill and don't believe ever chaired a committee. And Yale should be ashamed to say they gave her a diploma.
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    Stock Market

    I don't think you have to be a member to order prescription drugs there. Unless it has changed, I used it for a while and was not a member.
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    What’s the trick to get a CZ 457 bolt knob off?

    Mine is a low end Harbor Freight model. Just hot/cold.
  18. J

    What’s the trick to get a CZ 457 bolt knob off?

    Thanks, try it tomorrow.
  19. J

    What’s the trick to get a CZ 457 bolt knob off?

    I used a heat gun on it and no luck. Wasn’t sure how much heat it can take. I did not disassemble the bolt. Suggestions? Thanks.
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    **Scammer Best Practices**

    Tell them to write it on a torn piece of paper, not something with square edges. It is much harder to photoshop.