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  1. GhostFace

    Why are quadrails making a comeback?

    I look forward to quads coming back, I never bought into the mlok. Frankly just when I ”discovered” Keymod it was going out. My Keymod stuff doesn’t loosen much but my quad never losens. I hope DD makes their light rail for large frames again, I’m buying two if they do.
  2. GhostFace

    Is it safe to clean nitrided barrels with JB Bore Paste?

    Get some Wipe Out, it'll get rid of your carbon real easy and safely...
  3. GhostFace


    Please post your results! I have a keg of it I bought when it first came out but I have yet to go through all of my 4451.
  4. GhostFace

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18 FFP EBR-7c

    So far it’s working for me….:unsure:🤷‍♂️
  5. GhostFace

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18 FFP EBR-7c

    I like Vortex products but they’re a little late to the game with this offering, I went with Arken SH4 for a plinked that I have. Not to mention both are Chinese made but the Arken is quite a bit cheaper than the SE.
  6. GhostFace

    Armalite AR10 muzzle threads

    I’ve had at least 5 Armalite barrels and all were threaded properly but thats not to say your threads are correct. Take it to a gunsmith if you can’t measure your threads.
  7. GhostFace

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Shyla Stylez, she committed suicide after retiring from the industry...
  8. GhostFace

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Man was she something else! Damn shame how she died...
  9. GhostFace

    Staball hd and match

    I use AA2520 for .308 and Stabal 6.5 for .30-06
  10. GhostFace

    Staball hd and match

    I'm very interested in the match, I moved to ball powders a couple of years ago because I had grown tired of weighing individual charges. I
  11. GhostFace

    Night Vision WTS Armasight CO-X Gen 3 Clip On price drop

    Thats a great price for a surprisingly damned good unit! I have the same but in Gen 2+ Phontonis. I’ll tell a buddy thats on the fence about NV.
  12. GhostFace

    LMT MWS BCG and 6.5 creed?

    True but I was responding to the guy that didn't think an LMT bolt would work with an Armalite carrier. I was pointing out sinister did it with success, that's all.
  13. GhostFace

    Spotters Tripod recommendations?

    While I don't have that Benro, I do have an aluminum one and I'm really pleased with it. They are under rated tripods....
  14. GhostFace

    Most forgiving optic to get behind on AR

    I take it you have never been behind a TA-11? It has generous eye relief/box whatever you want to call it. I can get behind the optic quickly, not perfect and still see great. It’s definitely not tight Or finicky.
  15. GhostFace

    Most forgiving optic to get behind on AR

    TA11 has one of the most forgiving eye boxes I have been behind on an AR. I got behind one of the Razor LPVOs and it wasn't bad either but I don't remember which gen or model it was. I still prefer the TA11 over any LPVO....
  16. GhostFace

    What's you favorite AR10 handguard?

    URX 3 or earlier, not a fan of the new mlok versions. Geissele comes to mind as well But the one in the wild are about as rare as hen’s teeth.
  17. GhostFace

    The SIG 716I TREAD .308 may be the best AR-308 / AR-10 type battle rifle for the money.

    I seem to remember Indian M80 surplus hitting our shores about 15 years ago and it caused all kinds of problems in various weapon systems. I never touched any of it because I didn't find any satisfactory post about it. It doesn't surprise me the 716i is having problems with Indian ammo...
  18. GhostFace

    White Oak barrels vs Faxon MATCH & Criterion

    I can tell you we won’t touch IMI ammunition anymore, about 6-7 years ago we couldn’t get our regular match ammunition for some reason. I was able to secure a case of IMI 175 grain match. The ammo was used in 5 different proven rifles by 5 competent shooters. All 5 experienced the accuracy go to...
  19. GhostFace

    White Oak barrels vs Faxon MATCH & Criterion

    I agree and it’s a reason why I don’t cheap out on barrels. It’s also the reason why I haven’t had any accuracy issues with any rifles that I own. Some get better barrels than others, it just depends on my intentions with it. The cheapest barrel I have is a SS RRA HBAR and it’s a damn good...
  20. GhostFace

    White Oak barrels vs Faxon MATCH & Criterion

    WOA as I stated over at arfcom would be my choice. I've seen too many inconsistencies mentioned with Faxon and BA. Some guys get great shooters, others get okay and others get what you're reporting. I've yet to see anyone complain their WOA shot 2+ MOA. I'm not saying it's never happened but...