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    New from Colorado

    Welcome from Firestone, CO
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    Another new guy from Colorado

    Welcome from NOCO as well!
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    Maggie’s What are you drinking right now!?

    I was fortunate enough to be around when this was opened!
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    Ammo availability

    Just got an email from bullet central.
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    This guy needs to burn in Hell

    Or they will send his ass to another state that didn’t have the coverage Texas has. Same thing happened to Chris Watts here in CO. He never set foot inside a prison here, my neighbor and his wife are COs and said Chris would have been killed immediately in any CO prison.
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    2022 Black Friday Sale Thread $181 for a hi speed national match!
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    SOLD ATACR 1-8 FC-DMx For Sale

    SLOD shipped and insured. Comes with box, Spuhr 4616 cantilever mount. No scratches, dings of any sorts. I mounted it up and it never left the house. PayPal F&F or you pay fees. First public “I’ll take it”, trumps pm.
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread Benchmark 8lbs.
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    Bourbon lovers raffle

    Eagle 10 year is available where I’m at. Usually $50 per bottle.
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    Bourbon lovers raffle

    Here is a raffle for bourbon lovers. They have 3 or 4 a year.
  13. PusherX11

    PortaJohn This is the best formula we have found anywhere. Never out of stock and it’s delivered in a week from the Neatherlans.
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    SOLD Mini ACOG TA44 For Sale

    Sold to psdan000
  15. PusherX11

    SOLD Mini ACOG TA44 For Sale

    Pm replied to with pics. SPF to psdan000!