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    Optics Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP Tremor 3 Riflescope / IMS Mount

    Taken to the range once and put 20 rounds through it. Flawless condition $2100 shipped $175 for IMS 35mm mount (0moa)
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    SOLD Nightforce

    Purchased new from euro a few months ago. In mint condition $2200 shipped for the scope.
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    Firearms Barrett MRAD 300 PRC 26" FDE

    Nowhere to shoot this but genuinely love the rifle. Sad to see it go but my local range doesnt do it justice. One box of 20 rounds through it. $6000 shipped without the pelican case. Can add the case but shipping will be on the buyer. Comes with everything from the factory (2 mags). Dont...
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    DD5 V4 - 18" 6.5

    Now that these have been out for a minute what do people think? I have my MWS in 6.5 but considering swapping to the DD5 since it has a 18" barrel and longer rail. I love the MWS but just get frustrated trying to find the 15" upper and then deal with barrels etc. DD5 is half the price
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    LMT .308 MWS

    any ETA on the 15" uppers?
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    SOLD Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x24 (JM1-BDC)

    Catch & Release. Mint condition - $1100 shipped JM1-BDC Reticle
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    SOLD 350 Rounds .308 M118LR 175GR

    American Marksman factory LC brass loaded M118LR 175gr 308. $350 shipped for the 350 rounds.
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    SOLD RAINIER ARMS UltraMatch MOD2 300 blackout barrel - 10" - + JP SCS (Silent Captured Spring)

    300 Blackout Build im scrapping. Probably the most accurate 300 blackout barrel out there - unfired. Had a Geissele Super gas block fitted to it (one can be pinned) JP SCS (very light use) $375 shipped for the set
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    SOLD FAXON 12" 6MM ARC Barrel

    Brand new faxon match series 6mm barrel. $175 shipped was installed then scrapped the build. Never fired
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    Accessories Leupold IMS 34MM 0MOA Mount Part # 176884

    Used but in excellent condition. No scratches/Dings $180 shipped
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    SOLD Faxon Match 12" 6mm ARC Barrel

    Brand new/no box. 12" middy 6mm ARC $180 shipped
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    LMT .308 MWS

    Im waiting on mine from Titan too. Have an atacr 4-16x in a UL 20moa mount waiting for it. Ive been through a few Mark 5's. Def go NF
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    SOLD EOTECH XPS3-0 Black - Mint Condition

    Mint/No Box Eotech XPS3-0 (NV) Black $480 Shipped
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    LMT .308 MWS

    Has anyone cut a 20" 6.5 Barrel to 16"? I know they are heavily gassed from the factory and Criterion runs their 16" with a rifle length gas