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  1. long range sponge

    Killed by his Cock.

    We've all heard of Elf on a Shelf. Well now we're introducing Crabbie with a Stabbie!!
  2. long range sponge

    Accessories Tier 1 Axis Elite G43/43x

    Blood red Axis elite for 43/43x. I believe it's a mid cut sweet guard. $100 shipped. I can also be reached via text at 9three7-six3one-three11eight.
  3. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

    She gone.
  4. long range sponge

    Please help me spend my money...I'm down to two

    @MSTN builds some quality stuff.
  5. long range sponge

    KRG Bravo Pic Thread

    What are you barrel contours?
  6. long range sponge


    Almost. He put in his application but they never got back to him. Bastages left him hanging. 🤷‍♂️
  7. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

  8. long range sponge

    Terminus Actions

    Barrel nut, maybe??
  9. long range sponge

    American Rifle Co actions

    I've considered ponying up the extra coin and going in that direction. Except the Curtis actions I was looking at were labeled Terminus. 😉
  10. long range sponge

    American Rifle Co actions

    Struggling to decide between a Nuke and Origin. Had an Origin a couple years ago but sold it to help cover my mother-in-laws funeral cost. I wanted to enjoy it but bolt lift was heavier than I expected and it didn't run as smooth as my RPR which has been micro-slicked. I had a TT Special in it...
  11. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

  12. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

  13. long range sponge

    Seeking suggestions for first scope for a Ruger Mini 14 Pretty good option. I also like my RT6 so the one in the PX definitely gets a nod.
  14. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

    Price down, bump up
  15. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

  16. long range sponge

    WTB Area 419 TOMB mount

    Bueller? Lol.
  17. long range sponge

    Hunting & Fishing Pics out of or from your blind or stand.

    Nothing but turkeys this morning. 2 Jakes, 2 Toms and about a dozen hens.
  18. long range sponge

    Firearms *SOLD*

    Maybe you didn't get an AAC or Ckye-pod from MDT. ARC didn't offer the Archimedes. This may be the last chance you have to score a real gem this holiday sales season. This won't show up on a credit card receipt. It's a prime opportunity to grab a new piece of kit that might be what you're...