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    Homemade red pozole with chicken and a Sazerac. Winter is here.
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    BMW 328i xDrive Your Thoughts

    BMW over Audi. X2 or X3 over a 3 series sedan- much more practical and they were designed around the AWD systems, which the sedans were not. The sedans drive like tanks and have odd weight distribution characteristics. The BMW x drive sedans drive much heavier than their Audi equivalents and...
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    Leupold Mk 4 scope ring screw size

    Call Leupy....they'll likely send you a set of screws for free
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    SF hit by quake

    How dare you insert facts into a heated conversation amongst tards...... California, from San Diego to Marin County is going to slip and shake- for a long time to come. 5.1 and shallow is nothing to get lathered up about as it's relatively minor. A subduction quake, like Fukishima, will be what...
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    Hot weather rain jacket

    A single layer GoreTex or similar jacket with large pit zippers is the way to go. No vapor permeable material will keep up with a high sweat rate - up to 2 liters per hour for fit folks. A the air inside a sealed/vapor permeable jacket will reach 100% saturation in about 15 min or less under...
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    China - something is up?

    Everyone knows that General Tso's Chicken
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    Increasing .22 ammo accuracy on a budget- PNW Hillbilly hack- Anyone up for a challenge?

    Thanks for the effort guys! I may have time this weekend to pursue some simple tests of cheap ammo, sorted by weight....with and without lube. May run the same variable on a semi-auto as well as a bolt gun.
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    Maggie’s THE "NOM NOM NOM" THREAD They're in Menard ......Not 3Js or Joselito.....but pretty damned good and different...
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    Tres Jotas and Joselito are some Jamon Serrano brands that are worth trying out. Both acorn fed (bellota) and of the pata negra type of pig. We bring some back from Spain every trip and the Galician girlfriend mules some back when she goes home to visit family.
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    Gunsmithing I need help choosing BEST 300 Blackout in 10.5

    Yeah, that's wicked accurate. I haven't tested that is in my Aero with a scope. My last build was a cheek pistol and my accuracy needs we're not that tight....I was looking for quarter minute of mal-intentioned street person or anarchist.
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    Gunsmithing I need help choosing BEST 300 Blackout in 10.5

    I've assembled SBRs and cheek pistols with Aero Precision barrels with better than expected results. Great nitride finish and accurate.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Concealed or semi concealed carry options for backpacking

    Hill People pouch. General Purpose Pocket Have your pack belt modified as mount the pouch on the belt close to the pack.
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    Aircraft camo, underside

    Find out what the California Hwy Patrol uses for their Cessnas in Northern California.....I never see those fuckers until it's too late.
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    US made water bottle

    This....they are Chinese made, US decorated
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    Maggie’s Man's Best Friend Thread

    This is Raya. A buddy and I rescued her from a rough life at a cement plant outside of Logan NM back in 2015, on the second day of the Steel Safari. We were out of town about 2 miles to watching on hell of a NM monsoon lightning storm. She ran up to us and then under our suv, frightened by the...
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    The most retarded action movie on the planet?

    On ancestors wouldve killed and eaten every last giant rabbit in a few days....cooked in a skillet, slowly in cream sherry,garlic,olive oil and salt.....with a baguette
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    Search the inter webs for Shrub Recipes- these are beverages that use a drinking vinegar base and are much lower in sugar that traditional fountain drinks/sodas.
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    Thread Locker

    Disc Grinder........
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    Best hot weather full face motorcycle helmet?

    Arai XD4 if you have a long bean I've used the XD series in Death Valley in 120-129 deg heat on several trips. I ride a BMW 1150gSAdventure and an R100pGsPD- both with crap windscreens Wear you hair short and learn how to use a wet a chamois or dewrag or bandana under your helmet. Same with...
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    Fatigue caused by prolonged staying in prone position

    E-tool....cock trench. Cock trench......I once knew a girl.....anyways....