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  1. Howland

    When a 338 Lapua Magnum goes BANG the wrong way

    I've seen a case stuck due to carbon buildup in the neck, the loads were nowhere near maximum. It did come loose with a light tap from a cleaning rod. The owner was justifiably hesitant to apply force to the bolt handle. I had the cleaning rod with me because, 1.) I was breaking in the barrel...
  2. Howland

    New Hampshire living?

    I spent 36 years in NH. Yup, locals can be a bit taciturn on the surface but one layer underneath are quite decent, Taxachusetts transplants being the notable exception. Yes, bend over and spread 'em when the property tax bill comes but income tax and sales tax rates are zero percent! Any land...
  3. Howland

    Am I going to be robbed/murdered and possibly raped in New Ellenton SC?

    I've lived in SC for eight years. Prior to coming here, I had spent my whole adult life in NH, some of that in the "outskirts of Concord." First I'll address what seems to be your primary concern, crime. When I moved down, I checked the homicide rates. SC was seven times higher per capita than...
  4. Howland

    BY FAR - the best Pro Trump video I have seen in a long time

    And just like that, as soon as the counting was finished, my spam folder is flooded again with Oz's miracle weight loss program. :mad: The only reason I wanted to see that snake oil peddler win was the prospect of a six year reprieve.
  5. Howland

    Let's Go Brandon

    "Let’s Go Brandon" squewers both Biden and the leftist media. There is an auto race. Guy named Brandon wins. Media chick is interviewing Brandon trackside minutes after the race live on nationwide TV. Crowd breaks out into spontaneous "Fuck Joe Biden" chant. Media chick tries to cover it up...
  6. Howland

    FNG Checking in from W. NC.

    Good stuff to hear. I'll have to get up there as soon as my deer tags turn into a pumpkin.
  7. Howland

    FNG Checking in from W. NC.

    Welcome. Did you make it to Big Ivy? If so, what is your impression. It is within reasonable distance so I'm curious but I haven't made it up there yet.
  8. Howland

    Chinese Spammers

    That is their idea of marketing and whatever they are pitching is their idea of an economy. Knowing that might lull one into the complacency of a false sense of security until you factor in that they likely have one million intelligence assets in the United States, plus they have nukes...
  9. Howland

    Stamped steel replacing 2x4

    Fifteen or twenty years ago I visited Germany. There were several new homes being built along my walks through town. All of them were being framed with metal 2x4s (or more likely whatever the metric equivalent is). I thought at the time that it was probably more expensive until I considered that...
  10. Howland

    Shooting and theft at GA gun range

    I stepped one foot into the door of an LGS and saw the legal sign on a counter inside facing the entrance and froze, shook my head and started turning around. The clerk read my mind and said, "That’s just an example of what a legal sign is in this state. Come on in." I've been to two others...
  11. Howland

    Shooting and theft at GA gun range were switching out for fresh targets anyway. Win, win.
  12. Howland

    Anyone Else?

    Yes, I'm still amazed. They put the rear bumper about where the back seat was. I can't imagine what their car looked like or how they were even able to drive it away. It wasn't a glancing blow or a sideswipe. They plowed into that with authority.
  13. Howland

    More stupidity

    The same thing happens in NH for the low cost of cigarettes and alcohol, mostly by Maine and Massachusetts. Maine sent an undercover car to camp out in a liquor store parking lot (owned by the State of NH and a significant source of revenue) and radio Maine license plates of customers who would...
  14. Howland

    Anyone Else?

    I had a '67 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 ragtop with the 455 Rocket V8 destroyed by a hit and run driver. This thing was mint! My insurance company sent me a check for about 60% of its value. I went into their office but went prepared. I had a professional automobile appraiser give me an appraisal...
  15. Howland

    Surety Bond claims used to hold elected officials accountable

    When our country was founded, a person's honor was everything. Lose that and the local butcher or grocer wouldn't do business with you. At the time, that was considered sufficient to bind a public official to their oaths. We live in a completely different world today. The Constitution and laws...
  16. Howland

    Cat - Broke Leg

    Dress head to toe in camo, rub chicken liver all over you and be perfectly quiet and still. You'll have pussy crawling in your lap quicker than going to a gentleman's club.
  17. Howland

    In my position, how would you handle giving a two week notice?

    I worked 7pm to 7am for about 13 years. It was a great gig and made for a lot of time off while still having a full time job. 3 on, 3 off or 4 on, 4 off is great. 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off can be hard on your internal clock. Great if you're on days. Not so much on nights...
  18. Howland

    Student Debt?

    Government will not allow student loans to be discharged by bankruptcy, meaning zero risk to lenders. This means there is nothing to constrain hundreds of billions from flowing, all of it to educational institutions. Of which a predictable amount flows to... Wait for it. ...those who opened...