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  1. Bakwa

    LMT MWS vs Sig MCX Spear

    I must have missed something. Was this a batch thing?
  2. Bakwa

    Firearms For Sale: Tikka CTR, Glock 19, accessories,...

    Picture of groups with the Tikka shot this morning. Factory ELD-X. Two 5-shot groups side by side at 100yds. She's still shooting great in my hands.
  3. Bakwa

    MASSIVE new ATF NFA Change

    Despite the way this all sounds, game wardens can't just do whatever they want. They must be able to articulate that they had reason to [look in your cooler, be on your property, etc,...] by way of evidence that you have been participating in the "highly regulated activities" or likely...
  4. Bakwa

    Firearms For Sale: Tikka CTR, Glock 19, accessories,...

    About 1,000-1,500. It's still got half a life left in it. Still shoots great. I'm taking it to the range this weekend if it doesn't sell to print some groups to show to help sell it.
  5. Bakwa

    Firearms For Sale: Tikka CTR, Glock 19, accessories,...

    Rattle canned. It can be stripped if necessary. Black finish underneath.
  6. Bakwa

    Firearms For Sale: Tikka CTR, Glock 19, accessories,...

    Up for sale are a few items I have sitting around that aren't getting used. Tikka CTR 6.5CM with two mags and Keymo brake. $900. Glock 19 Gen4 with Factory night sights. $480. TREX Arms Ragnarok G19-G17 Gen1-4 Holster. $50 Metal AR flip up rear iron sight and Picatinny clamp for AR A-Frame...
  7. Bakwa

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    Mod 7 308 16" TBAC Ultra 7 Super handy, even with the can.
  8. Bakwa

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    Light and handy.
  9. Bakwa

    Rifle Scopes Is there a place for scopes with lower magnification ranges in today's market?

    In a market where companies are pushing the edge of what magnification ranges we're able to useably accomplish, they aren't doing so without sacrifice. Every popular company seems to be experimenting with 10X and 8X erectors, thus making sacrifices at one or both ends of that range. By this...
  10. Bakwa

    Raven Euro Carbon fiber stocks

    Just saw this. I think I need it.
  11. Bakwa


    I guess I'm still confused. I see Scorpions, APC's, AK's, etc that were imported as pistols, then form 1'd into SBR's all the time.
  12. Bakwa


    Why does the AFT approve Form 1's on foreign made imported pistols all the time then?
  13. Bakwa

    Tac Ops Rifles

    That thing is legit. Which model is it?
  14. Bakwa

    Fieldcraft Krieger_Tactics - LONG RANGE PRECISION MARKSMANSHIP: PART 5 - The Build Out

    There's a lot here. Can you give a brief synopsis of your point?
  15. Bakwa

    SOLD FS: Sangin Instruments Atlas DLC

    Already broken in and everything. It has a good home.
  16. Bakwa

    2022 Hunting kill thread

    Shot him in the neck at 30yds. It was just before dark. LOL. My general purpose retro carbine was just what I had on me but it does look like a night poaching rig. :cool: He's in the harvest report for any curious game wardens. I've got nothing to hide.
  17. Bakwa

    2022 Hunting kill thread

    Last day of 2022. Not too bad for a little FL deer. Did it with a 10.3" .223 just before dark. Speer Gold Dot 55gr. DRT
  18. Bakwa

    If you could only own 2 caliber Rifles?

    Assuming we aren't including rimfire rifles... And I could only have two serious use rifles, I would choose a bolt action 30-06 and AR or AK in a common intermediate caliber [like 5.56]. If I could have three I'd forgo the 30-06 and go with 308 & 300wm.
  19. Bakwa

    Steiner T6Xi vs March FX

    Which ones? What purpose? So many questions before anyone can answer you.