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  1. Dewey7271

    LOL Black Rifle Coffee Company - also, coffee snob thread V2.0

    Well, I’m so far down this rabbit hole now….
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    Maggie’s Ok Fellas, here is the deal….I have well over a thousand books in my library.

    Perfect. Trust snipe to distill it down to essentials
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    What pistol do you use for self-protection out in public?

    Think I’ll stick with a 180 around 1300 😁
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    PowdaHound Gonna B Rich!

  5. Dewey7271

    Please pray for my wife

  6. Dewey7271

    We lost another good one today

    RIP @Ravenworks
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    Maggie’s The Woodchuck and Firewood Hoarders Thread

    2 trailer loads and this lightning got a walnut mid summer Next up, these nasties
  8. Dewey7271

    MPA Chassis

    Seems like a pretty honest, straight reply. How do you know they haven’t contacted the clients concerned?
  9. Dewey7271

    + Celia Langelius RIP

    Sorry for your loss, Greg.
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    Fundraiser for a friend

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    Stock Market

    Last sentence is the winner. Home prices in July cooled at the fastest rate in the history of S&P Case-Shiller Index Home prices continued to cool at a fast pace in July, though they're still higher than they were a year ago. Prices nationally rose 15.8% over July 2021, and while that is a...
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    Stock Market

    Yeah, that’s gonna work. 😂😂😂
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    Stock Market

    True and I don’t. (been positioning short since last October, mainly puts and LEAPS ) Just updating as one poster decided to “educate” me on the dollar the other day. ‘China‘s market made 10 year lows also a day or so ago. We have a ways to go I believe.
  14. Dewey7271

    Stock Market

    Well, you’ll get your bounce this morning (it’s a trap by the way) ‘And for the ones loving the dollar rally:
  15. Dewey7271

    When did Americans become so F*cking Stupid?

    No apologies needed for truth. Good post
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    Fundraiser for a friend

    Little bit sent
  17. Dewey7271

    I hope some of you understand this.

    Ok. You post denial when I post the actual price history. I’ve been nice. If facts don’t work for you, good luck. Let’s see. Sanctions. Another brilliant stroke. Price of oil (major Russian export) fertilizer (another one) and natural gas (another one) have all gone up significantly along with...
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    I hope some of you understand this.

    Ok. ‘Chart from 2014 disagrees
  19. Dewey7271

    I hope some of you understand this.

    Inflation sir. Compare to Russian Ruble since sanctions. You do also understand that economically that the extremely high dollar is bad for companies that have significant foreign operations that transact business in local currency? To place those earnings under the US parent company requires...