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  1. ballisticdaddy

    Which 3-18 for me?

    How about a 2.5-20? Nightforce NX8 2.5-20x50 MOAR Like New Demo Riflescope C622
  2. ballisticdaddy

    Why are actions+bolt so expensive

    Uhm....any good action should last you a lifetime while barrels are considered consumable and only last a few thousand rounds. Since you are already an ARC user have you not heard about the their new coup de gras that should retail for $899?
  3. ballisticdaddy

    Firearms Custom 7 Saum

    Nice looking rifle but that looks to be a T4-A in Badlands Camo
  4. ballisticdaddy

    Reloading Equipment Downsizing component supply

    As per our PM's I will take all the CCI 450's
  5. ballisticdaddy

    Accessories FS: Weibad Strapless Behemoth

    If the Pump Pillow is still available, I will take it
  6. ballisticdaddy

    Parallax reticle movement

    Adjusting your parallax is supposed to minimize reticle movement, instead of fine tuning as to focus try fine tuning until movement is gone.
  7. ballisticdaddy

    Anyone shot sub-sonic 308 from their AR-10?
  8. ballisticdaddy

    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Just scooped up a few barrel off bore guides from @pfl338 and actually looking forward to cleaning a few barrels this evening
  9. ballisticdaddy

    6mm BR

    Would also try the Sierra 107 MK they have worked well for me and you might be surprised how well 6BR performs past 400 yards
  10. ballisticdaddy

    6mm BR

    N140 and Varget are about equal burn rate so 29.7 to 30 should be a good starting point with the 105
  11. ballisticdaddy

    Very, Very Basic PRS Rifle Rear Tripod Question

    It is for rear support as opposed to balancing the rifle in front of the magazine well
  12. ballisticdaddy

    WTB Any dessert tech barrels for sale

    Not mine but saw this recently....
  13. ballisticdaddy

    Accessories AXMC/AXSR barrel cleaning screw on bore guide.

    I will take a 3 pack..... 6BR, 6.5x47 & .308 Win in 27mm for the AX please!
  14. ballisticdaddy

    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Just spun on the 6BR barrel and sent a few this afternoon #backinblack
  15. ballisticdaddy

    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    They quoted 6-12 weeks and yes paid 100% up front. I have a buddy with a few of their K&P barrels and they shoot lights out! Eric seems way cool and called me back within minutes, will post results once I have in hand.
  16. ballisticdaddy

    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Just ordered one for $725 using my old barrel extension and they are $975 with new extension, hard to beat those prices!
  17. ballisticdaddy

    PRS Talk Tripod Leg Wraps
  18. ballisticdaddy

    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Pretty sure that price is for their 223/300 blackout kit with bolt head, magazine and barrel
  19. ballisticdaddy

    Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

    Looks to be a new Ruger Precision Rimfire....the magazine tipped me off
  20. ballisticdaddy

    .22 br

    On the burn chart Ramshot TAC is about equal to H4895 and if you have a reloading manual or search the interwebs.....