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    Custom Rifle Build

    Try GA Precision
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    TAC OPS / KMW Collaboration

    Got my new S&B PMII with Gen II XR w DT II+ turrets the other day. Box looked like it got ran over by a truck. Not the UPS box it was shipped in, it was in perfect shape, the S&B box the scope came in was smoked. Looked through it and there was a spec at about the 11:00 position in the...
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    After going back and forth a hundred times on a glass for my currently under construction Delta 51, I finally pulled the trigger and ended up going with Mikes original recommendation. Ordered a S&B PMII 5-25 with the GENII XR with the newer style DTII+ turrets. It's a little bigger and heavier...
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    300 Win Mag Custom Build

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    Tangent 5-25 or new Schmidt 6-36

    Haven't called on one but I'm assuming the street price of a TT is still a good bit higher than the MSRP of a ZCO
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Not sure what I’m more excited for the can or the rifle
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Sent my action back last week so I'm sure my Delta 51 will be on the Fedex truck any day now LMAO! Merry Christmas to all you guys!
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    Scope Choices

    Wondering what everyones opinions are given the following choices..Been looking around and any of these would work just fine for my purposes I'm not that picky, I just need a simple reticle. Don't need a tree but the Gen 2XR would be fine. I would like a 20x at a minimum. Mostly just trying to...
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    The taxpayer is paying for those rifles. When the money comes out of your own pocket you clean it and wipe it down with a diaper lol
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    2022 Black Friday Sale Thread

    I was hoping to save a little on an Atlas Bipod but haven't seen it yet
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    What height scope rings are you running?
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    Suppressors Tac Ops Suppressor

    Im looking at the same as well as the 3-21 exos and the zco 5-27
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    Suppressors Tac Ops Suppressor

    Yep! Deciding on a glass is the hard part
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    Suppressors Tac Ops Suppressor

    Just ordered a Tac Ops can and rifle myself. Should have the rifle in the spring and the can next winter. In the meantime I'll run an adapter with the can I currently have
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    Suppressors Tac Ops Suppressor

    aa Silencer Central has 9/16x24 to 5/8x24 adapters for $30.
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    Rifle Scopes Alpha Class Long Range Scope Review - TT, ZCO, Schmidt, March, Vortex

    Wow great write up! I’m up in the air on my next scope but it’s coming down to a ZCO 5x27 and a S&B 3x21 Exos
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    Current production Winchester m70

    Bought the father in-law a Mod 70 in .243 a few weeks ago. I thought the fit and finish was great. Smooth action and nice trigger
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    I’m Looking for a shorty to match the shorty(ish) rifle. I’m up in the air on a S&B US variant /ZCO 4x20/ Leupold M5 HD 3x18 etc.. Where I live I don’t have long range shooting opportunities. I’m not a PRS guy and not the sharpest tool in the shed so I understand MOA way better then Mills
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    I was hoping you guys were going to save me some money and suggest the $150 Cabelas Burris scope but I’m guessing that isnt going to get much love here 😂
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    Tac Ops Rifles

    Had a great conversation with Mike and got on the books for a Delta 51 as a little bday present to myself. Can't wait to join the club! Now to figure out what to scope it with.. Gonna be an 18" Delta 51, Carbon fiber stock to save a little weight.