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    Trijicon Credo 2-10x36

    I have one on my 16 inch Grendel deer hunting rifle. Works great. Very versatile optic.
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    Night Vision Thermals or NVG for hogs

    Burris BTH35. They had a sale for around 750 so I grabbed one. Performance is fine. Not as good as the reap obviously but it’s fine for finding hogs and yotes in the fields.
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    Night Vision Thermals or NVG for hogs

    I have a PVS 14 and Dbal a3 for NV and Trijicon Reap Ir 35 Gen 2 and a cheap Burris thermal scanner. For killing animals at night, my experience is that thermal is king. Heads and shoulders above NV. I hunt on 200 acres of fields and woodlands. Shots avg 150 yards. Max is 300. I wear the pvs...
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    Rifle Scopes March 1.5-15x42 inquiry

    All scopes are going to have trade off's. I think March has an excellent solution for those willing to make other trade offs with their 3-24x52 FFP. It's longer but just as light, Higher top and bottom end but still really a MPVO or crossover. Plus it's cheaper.
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    Rifle Scopes March 1.5-15x42 inquiry

    There is a FFP version and a Dual Focal Plane version. Each has 1 reticle. One has a Xmas tree and one does not.
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    Rifle Scopes March 1.5-15x42 inquiry

    I really love the 1-10 DR shorty and the 4-28HM. This looks like the middle child of those two and it’s gonna cost me. I need something for an SR25 so…..
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    Rifle Scopes March 1-10 Shorty Dual Focal - Reviews?

    The previous poster NC Libertarian summed it up very well. I've had a similar experience and would purchase a 2nd one if I needed another LPVO. I have found the parallax a bit sensitive when transitioning to short (100 yards) to further (500 yards). But the ability to dial it out is extremely...
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    Optics Trijicon Credo 2-10x36 *price drop*

    I'll take it. Pm Sent.
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    6.5 Grendel Build or Buy

    Yes the Proof stainless are cut rifled and very stiff. The benefit to the CF is lower weight. The Proof Stainless is an excellent barrel.
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    6.5 Grendel Build or Buy

    The combination of weight savings, cut rifling and stiffness for a suppressor make the Proof highly desirable to me and usually worth the extra money. The Larue is an excellent barrel and the complete upper is an excellent, easy package so if I was going for a steel 18 inch Grendel I see it as...
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    6.5 Grendel Build or Buy

    It's fantastic. Sub MOA with factory Hornady SST's. I don't really shoot it for groups but I have a 6mm CM in my AI AT-X that shoots .5 MOA with Prime 107's. All 4-5 of my Proof's shoot great.
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    6.5 Grendel Build or Buy

    My 18 inch Proof CF. If I was gonna build one without the Proof CF Barrel I would just buy the larue upper. (YDS) (FPS) (FT.-LB) 0 2452 1642 50 2372 1536 100 2293 1436 150 2216 1341 200 2140 1250 250 2065 1165 300 1993 1084 350...
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce NX8 2.5-20x50 - Initial Thoughts

    Any news on the review of the S&B 3-27x56, a March 3-24x52 and the NX8 2.5-20?
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    SOLD For Sale AICS AX folding chassis in Green

    For Sale: Accuracy International AICS AX folding chassis in Green with older style stock for Right handed Remington Short Action. Comes with action screws, 2 picatinny rails, rear AI monopod and Really Right Stuff BAX15: Auxiliary Plate for Accuracy International AX/AXMC. Original front green...